DoubleTree La Posada Resort

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In January 2003 a group of tango dancers were invited by Linda Valentino for the Desert Tango Weekend at La Posada Resort, located in Scottsdale near Phoenix, Arizona. People came from Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, California, Alaska, even from Italy, to learn and dance Argentine Tango. Wonderful teachers were present: Diego Di Falco and Carolina Zokalski, Leandro Palou and Andrea Misse, and Maestros Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau. Three Milongas in the big ballroom with music by DJ Robert Hawk were unforgettable.

The warm weather of Arizona, red rocks, cactus trees, majestic La Posada buildings, luxurious halls of the hotel, all that contributed to the spirit of the event.

Here is a small photo-documentary essay about the place made with Virtual W Tour technology from Yes San Francisco, LLC.
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Tango at La Posada hotel

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