San Francisco Carnaval - Pictures, Costumes, Samba Dancers

Photographs Igor Polk, 2002, San Francisco Click

Colors of Carnival Costumes Samba Dancing Dancing is fun and energizing Everyone can Dance Birds of Paradise A woman Dancing Samba The Parade is in Mission Area Astonished Audience Dancing under San Francisco Sun White Dress Samba Girls in Blue Dress Non Stop Show Dancing is an Act of Spirit Everybody! Dance Belly Dancers Belly Dancer Dance with a Saber Like this. Dancers are always Stars. Dance any way you like Samba Musicians: Drums This is Samba Samba Drums Samba Girls Folk Dancing Samba Costume Samba Costume Samba costumes are elaborate: Bikini Samba Dancer Samba Spirit Samba Band Samba Dancers Firing Hula Dancing Native Costumes Rhythm of Native-American Dances American Indian dance Light Pink Dress Cable Car is Parading too Waste Managers Dancing with Garbage Cans Fluorescent Dress Samba Dance Carnaval Fantasy Next Year We are going to Dance too!

Visit me for more: San Francisco Click- Carnaval San Francisco 2002 took place on Sunday, May 26th. There were about 40 contingents, representing de Brazil, Bolivia, El Salvador, Panama, Mexico, and other American countries, including United States. What a wonderful, energetic show: colorful costumes, great dancers, energizing music. One of the best San Francisco events: celebration of joy and free spirit. The parade is first of all about dancing. And Samba dominates the Carnival. Many other arts are present including a car show, but Brazilian rhythm make your inspiration and imagination dance!

San Francisco Carnaval home web-site. Make a link to this site, we are going to have it in 2006!

Check some Samba Gafieira video links.

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Why there are so many "backs" around !? Well, because they are around. They are just everywhere there. It is a symbol of this carnival!

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