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I am researching image analysis trying to find the way image processing and recognition may be done in nature by Earth organisms like us. Presumably, these processes are parallel and simple. As a unit, I have chosen a notion of "a dale", which someone might call "concavity". The term name "dale" better suits gray images, the images I am working with. My hypothesis is that we recognize these "dales", classify and build hierarchy of them and this represents objects. The goal is to show the robustness and applicability of methods based on this idea as well as to show that it is one of the methods used by living organisms in image recognition. So far the results are promising, but a lot of research is required.

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What is a tiling?




Symbol, character, hieroglyph form classification, graph theory.

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The reason I'd like to publish articles on this topic of elementary math is that however sadly is sounds, we, engineers, do not know math. Just plainly we do not. We may be taught and we may even remember "how to use some of mathematical results" but the math is not the same like we have learned it at schools. But we must not learn math the same way as mathematicians do. We have different goals. We must find a way to present and use the real math in our professional life. I mean "math effects"... After getting acquainted a little with "the real math", sadly, I came to conclusion that we should start from the very beginning. In this way:

On Euclid Proposition 5, Book 1






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