First Milonga, November 18, 2007

New milonga
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New milonga starts at the famous salsa dance night club in Mountain View, CA. Hosts are Dorcas Hendershott and Igor Polk. A tango teacher from Buenos Aires'es even more famous "La Confiteria Ideal" Diego Alvaro was teaching a class. Right at first time Alberto's became a world-class meeting place: two milongueros Diego Alvaro and Ruben met at the dance floor. Great music by Berhard Kohlhaas, more than 100 dancers !

Meeting: Diego Alvaro and Ruben "Milonga"
Diego Alvaro & Ruben

Tango lesson with Milongueros: this is the way tango was learned 100 years ago.
tango lesson

Students of Diego Alvaro :)

Over 100 dancers appeared. This photo was taken at the end of milonga when crowd became small.

Albertos is a cozy place: plenty of opportunities to relax after a hot dance.
Cozy place

New favorite place of local milongueros

Bar for those who are thirsty. With a great view of the dancing floor!




Photo & Copyright 2007 Igor Polk