ARCE - MONTES Tango Seminar in Berkeley

September 30 - October 4, 2006
The 1st ARCE-MONTES "Neo Tango School Seminar" in the USA
presented by Tango Renaissance USA
Location: Finnish Hall, 1970 Chestnut St, Berkeley, CA
Saturday, Sept 30th:  3-6pm
Sunday, Oct 1st:  3-6pm
Monday, Oct 2nd:  8-11pm
Tuesday, Oct 3rd:  8:30-11:30pm
Wednesday, Oct 4th:  8-11pm
Seminar includes: 3 HOURS PER DAY, 15 HOURS TOTAL
5-Day Seminar Fee: $250/person
Single class Fee: $55/person
Limited availability - 30 PEOPLE per day -
Focus of study:

--Focus #1 "Fundamentals"

* Administration of space
* Rhythm
* Triangulation
* Symmetry
* Equivalence
* Changes of energy in the embrace
* Weight transfers
* Height changes
* Linear & Centrifical dynamics
* Stimulating the creative process
* Improvisational skills

--Focus #2 "Personality-style-repertoire"

* Defining style
* Diferenciating style, tango technique, and correct biomechanics
* Corporeal language
* Expression thru corporeal language
* Musical Repertoire
* Influential elements in the development of critique
* Creation of a style
* Imposition of a style
* Popular tango esthetics

-- Focus #3 "Musicalidad"

* Recognizing the physical timing of the couple (synchronized)
* Recognizing musical time - strong & weak beats
* Coordination physical & musical timing
* Recognizing the physical timing of the couple (dissociated)
* Rhythmical accentuations in the musical measurement - recognition and use
* Use of body language for musical interpretation
* Differentiating musical styles


Knowledge required:

* Caminatas adelante/atras (Walking forward/backward)
* Ochos adelante/atras (Ochos forward/backward)
* Cambios de direccion (Changes of direction)
* Giros derecha e izquierda (Turns left/right)
* Sacadas adelante/atras (Sacadas forward/backward)
* Control abrazo cerrado/abierto (Control of the embrace - open/closed)
* Volcadas/Colgadas

In order to reserve your place(s) you must send an email to including your name,
partner name, contact info and the days for which you wish to register OR
call Michelle Wright at 916 295 9815.

ATTENTION: TR, USA does not guarantee availability in the classes if you do
not reserve your place by email or phone.

Payment will be accepted at the Finnish Hall. If you are registering for the
5 day seminar,
payment must be made IN FULL on Day 1 of the seminar (Saturday, September

To make payments please arrive early, a minimum of 15 minutes before start
of seminar.

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