Leading Ladies of Tango

Leading Ladies of Tango

Get Ready. Go for it !!
World Premiere: my review

Leading Ladies of Tango

Tango in the Herbst Theatre
December 13, 14, 15, 16

Dancing companies:
Tango Mujer,
Tango Con*Fusion,
Pianist Polly Ferman, Seven-Piece Orchestra,
Singer Silvana Deluigi ( Argentina ) ( 1, 2 )
Artistic Coordinator Allyson Manta

All women performance: 20 women on stage !!!

Details and Tickets at  www.leadingladiesoftango.com

Polly Ferman,
Viviana Guzman,
Anna Maria Mendieta,
Bettina Hartl,
Eleonora Ferreyra,
Yung Chiao Wei,
Ina Paris

Photo Marty Sohl


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