Tango workshop with Igor Polk

"Basis of Improvisation"

December 5, 2009, Saturday, at Tango Magdalena
580 Grand Ave, Suite # 305, Oakland, CA 94601

Igor Polk contact: webmaster@virtuar.com | 510-610-8711 | www.virtuar.com/tango/

$25 for everything
$15 for the first hour
Practica, free for students

The Program

A workshop covering most of the tango elements, movements, and structures
Great for women, easy for men !


5:00 - 5:55

Tango conditioning workout: tango movements and rhythms.
Working without a partner

6:05 - 7:00

Tango figures and communication.
Working with a partner

7:00 - 8:00

Tango Practica with Igor



* Practica is free for students
** Second workshop is taken together with the first one. It can not be taken separately.


Igor Polk has a tango school in Palo Alto teaching 5 days a week. His tango philosophy conveys knowledge of tango suitable for any occasion from a social party to performance dance. What he teaches is applied to any style: Milonguero, Nuevo, Salon, Orillero, Canyengue, Apilado, and even vintage. Igor values nice free beautiful movements with energy and feeling.