Argentine Tango Classes
7:30 - Lesson 1, "Linear Tango"
8:30 - Lesson 2, "Circular Tango"
Free Practice 9:45-11:30
Every Monday, $12 for all

Palo Alto JCC Cultural Arts Hall, on stage
3921 Fabian Way, Palo Alto, CA 94303 (Near 101, San Antonio and Charleston)

What we do is learning how to improvise the dance. This is a heart of all Argentine tango styles: Orillero(Nuevo), Salon, Apilado, Milonguero, Canyengue as well as other dances. In order to explain what is going on with the active body in tango, we use a method similar to classical dance. To improve balance, obtain energy waves, perfect pivoting and ocho technique and master the magical tango embrace.

Igor and Cecilia are popular social dancers and performers.
A tango theory book by Igor Polk is available for $20

Igor has learned tango from
Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau
Ruben Terbalca
Juan Bruno - Salon of 20s. Orillero.
Marta Anthon - Canyengue
Marcela Duran and Carlos Gavito - Apilado and Milonga
Pocho Pizarro - Orillero and Canyengue.
Daniel Trenner
Alberto Dassieu - Tango Vals
Hector Petrovich

many others..


Improvisational Tango

Instructors Igor Polk and Cecilia Sung