Super-Advanced tango workshop

Forward stepNew: 1-st and 3-rd Saturday, regular.
6:00 - 8:00 - Super-Advanced tango workshop, $15
1 hour lesson, 1 hour practice.
Tango Magdalena,
580 Grand Ave, Suite # 305
Oakland, CA 94610

For serious tango dancers, ballroom dancers, ballet and modern dancers, hip-hoppers, martial artists, everyone who would like to take it seriously and to the maximum. Beginners ready for challenges are welcome too.

Fundamentals of tango from deep dancing and math perspective. Salon, Orillero, Canyengue, Apilado, Milonguero, Nuevo. You will learn the most incredible things about body movements and tango rhythms.

Come and see why everyone studying with Igor Polk thinks it is great ! And why Tango is called the greatest dance of all in the last 150 years.

Why is it called "Super-Advanced", isn't it too much?
Well, "Advanced" around here usually means Sacadas, Volcadas and Colgadas. We are going far beyond that. I'll show you how to make every step as grand as all of these ! You will meet unsurpassed complexity of true tango rhythms, body movements, communication, choreography and improvisation. That is why this is not "Advanced", this is "Super-Advanced".

Side stepTired of all these primitive movements ? Tired when a visiting teacher shows you a complex figure without any clue how his body actually produces the moves? Your body begs for dancing and all you have got is stumbling with awkward partners? You was told about tango conversation, but in return you've got pushing and pulling? Or nothing at all?

Come, try it, and make the best tango happen to you.
Thank you and see you!

Igor Polk
510-582-8711 ( home/office/studio )
510-610-8711 ( cell )