17 Tips for Successful Tango Learning During a Lesson

Igor Polk, February 4, 2008. Copying is strictly prohibited in any form. Palo Alto Tango JCC Club

1. Rotate partners

2. Never blame a partner

3. Never teach a partner

4. Keep posture !

5. Try to do everything as well as you can. It means keeping "the feeling of dance".

6. Feel your partner !

7. Do everything to the correct rhythm of tango, milonga, or tango-vals !

8. Not-to-step is better than to mis-step

9. Gentlemen, listen to the music, lead, then keeping listening to the partner make the step ( with the rhythm). Ladies, listen to the partner, then step keeping listening to your partner and in the rhythm of music.

10. Ladies, if a man does not lead - do not move !
If the man leads - go the way you feel like, not what you anticipate.

11. Gentlemen, do not rush! Stop in a pose if needed, collect yourself, then go.

12. Gentlemen, keep moving: progress around the floor. Do not get stuck at one place!

13. Gentlemen, in the corner make a corte, then a side step turning left into the line of dance.

14. Gentlemen, never stop dancing in the middle of a dance no matter what, even if she moves wrong! Learning how to get out of a complex situation is much more valuable then learning a new move. Make a cunita or some side steps or pose at least. Within the rhythm !

15. When music stops, stop in a pose

16. Ladies, step forward with energy ALWAYS !

17. Posture, feeling, rhythm, energy, dedication; these are your passwords to success

Copyright©2008 Igor Polk: Dance Tango in Palo Alto and San Francisco Bay Area