Mariano Bielak y Paula Gurini in Palo Alto, 2009

Igor Polk, 2009, October 19

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Flyer of the Palo Alto workshops

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2009, November 11

And the workshops happened! Here are the photos made at our location in Samovar, Mountain View, on Monday.

Mariano Bielak and Paula Gurini at Moutain View Zina Tango Club

Mariano Bielak and Paula Gurini at Moutain View Zina Tango Club

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A young Tango couple has attracted my attention. These are Mariano Bielak y Paula Gurini.
I can not refuse an opportunity to be acquainted to, learn from, and enjoy movements of this most promising of the young Tango dancers. So, we are going to have workshops with them!

2009 November 2

Yesterday I've seen Mariano and Paula perform at Gracia. These are the most incredible tango dancers ! Everything it perfect - rhythmics, musicality, complexity of the dance - they dance fast and so reach with figures. Their creativity is superb, they knowledge of tango is beyond anyone else. Their dances are true masterpieces. Without doubt they are among the very best tango dancers ever visited San Francisco. May be they are the very best !

I have heard they are good teachers too. Here is the Mayumi's schedule of their workshops in San Francisco and Bay Area. Check it out ! So:

In San Francisco starting from November 2: Mayumi's schedule of Mariano Bielak and Paula Gurini in San Francisco and Bay Area

In Palo Alto and South Bay:

November 5, Thursday:
“How to be creative in Tango”
8pm – 9:30pm, Price: $20 for teachers, $5 "front desk" fee.
If time left, short practica till 10:15 for participants.

Zina Tango Club
Group Exercise Room, Building A,
Jewish Community Center, Palo Alto,
3921 Fabian Way, Palo Alto, CA 94303
for directions visit

November 9, Monday:
“How to dance tango gracefully”
8:30pm – 10:00pm, Price: $25
10:00    – 12:00 practica-milonga, free for students, otherwise $5.

The workshop will be preceded by the usual 7:30 Level 1 class $10 by Igor Polk.

There will be a discount for beginner students of our school ! The beginner students who usually attend Level 1 class will get their ticket for $5 only ! If you are such a student, I believe it interesting for you to find what is going on at the more advanced classes and enjoy the teaching and performance of this incredible couple, but please, you have to change partners only within your group.

Zina Tango Club
Samovar Hall, 1077 Independence Ave., Mountain View, CA 94043 (Corner of Independence and Leghorn. Near 101 and San Antonio and E. Charleston)

* * *
Look at the wonderful professional artistism and technique they show at these videos:

Milonga by these incredible dancers:

Can something be more creative and artistically harmonious? Here is their Tango:

See you at our club !



Our new location at JCC is fabulous !!!
Palo Alto JCC Excersize Room

New Monday's Samovar dance room:
Samovar, Palo Alto



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