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Film by Carlos Pico and Sandro Nunziata

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I have seen Susana Tango Pial video at the Donna's house. She has got it from Carlos Pico at the VII Festival Buenos Aires Tango. I watched it 3 times in a raw. This documentary movie answers the question "What is tango" better than any other movie I have seen before. The story is simple. Old people come to a barrio milonga, dance, and share their passionate views on tango. Directors Carlos Pico and Sandro Nunziata were able to create a movie as simple and heart breaking as a good tango dance itself. When the very last frame is over, feelings are the same like after the best tango evening, all together: sadness, happiness, and tranquility. The movie is one of the best tango moview, a gem in any collection of tango videos. The video was made in 2004. Many great tango dancers are not with us any more, which make this evidence of their experience, knowledge and art even more valuable. -- Igor Polk. Comments about the video here! Let other people know how do you like "Susana Tango Pial"

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Susana Tango Pial video
Susana Tango Pial

"Susana Tango Pial"

If you listen to the word Argentina or Buenos Aires, it means Tango.

Danced tango, song tango and played Tango

Tango is indeed the soul and the nostalgic essence of Buenos Aires, its inhabitants, its history and its culture.

This film was shot during 15 nights, in digital video system, with a very little crew (2 persons) and tiny budget.

Any night in Buenos Aires

A place called El Pial, in Flores, an old neighborhood.

Old ladies and old men come, dressed in fancy clothes.

Tonight there's the Milonga of Susana

As soon as you enter, the music reaches you, and it seems you enter in another dimension.

What really surprised us and motivated us to make this film, was the special, fascinating and unique atmosphere we found the first time we came to El Pial and the Milonga of Susana.

Old men and women, twice a week, reproducing in this old club, rites and guestures of tango dancing, of seduction and fascination, as if they were in those old milongas of the forties.

Seeing these old bodies dancing on the floor – some seem to almost float, listening to their conversations, their opinions, watching their steps,

transported by the music, discovering the milonga ritual moments, all this

really seduced us from the very start and that is what we wanted to show by doing this film: our original and first vision of this special world.

And that was also our big challenge during the editing: to be able to transmit and resume in less than an hour, all the sensations, feelings, dance steps, conversations, images, stories, characters, music that we saw, we shot and enjoyed.

The directors

Carlos Alberto Pico and Sandro Nunziata



  NTSC-DVD, English subtitles, 44 min, year 2004  

After you receive the video and watch it, please, find several minutes, write your impressions to my blog: or e-mail it directly to me, so I can put it on the page.
Let others know how do you like the film.


Comments mailed to me:

-- For me, these were the true images of Buenos Aires milongas.  Plain, sad faces.  Rough at the edges.  That's the way it is.  Octogenarian men, fifty-ish madeup women and younger, enthusiastic tourist women.  Lots of enthusiasm in the dance.  It was a graphic that was forever etched in our minds even from the first nite. Let's see.  On consecutive nights, we were at the milongas in Hotel BAUEN, Viejo Correo, Mansion Dandi, Nino Bien, Hotel BAUEN again (for salsa), taken there by the hotel. Also the coarseness of the people's faces, the plainness of their clothes reminded us that Argentina was economically stretched.  The dollar was 3 to 1. Thanks,

On 9/16/05, Fred Chu



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