Donna and Igor

invite friends to

Café Fino

"Walking in Café Fino is like dining in a romantic move…"

 in Palo Alto downtown

544 Emerson Street ( near University )




Café Fino is one of the best Italian restaurants around. Very romantic place. Authentic tango atmosphere. Feel as if you are in Buenos Aires.

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Sunday, April 6, 2003

Plenty of parking


Argentine Tango evening


From 4pm to 9pm





4pm-5pm - Second floor. Learn to dance Argentine tango in one lesson ( $5 ).

Not only for beginners. Igor shares his secrets:

                        1.  Tango steps are special;

                        2.  "Lead and follow" – invisible conversation;

5pm-7pm - Second floor. Practica-Milonga ( dance )

5pm-7pm - First floor. Jazz performance by local musicians.


Dance, listen to music, have superb dinner or a drink


7pm-9pm - First floor. Milonga ( dance )



Café Fino is a wonderful place. We and our friends have tried it. It is unforgettable! However, it is not a ballroom. It is small like a real Tango café. There is no better place to expose yourself to an intimate tango style. The floor on the second floor is made of very good old carpet, the floor on the first floor is made of stone. Try it.


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