Argentine Tango in Hayward, Fremont, Castro Valley, San Leandro, Pleasanton

My name is Igor Polk. I am a tango master. I dance and teach Argentine Tango.

I am the only tango teacher who knows all multitude of tango styles: Salon, Nuevo, Milonguero, Apilado, Canyengue, Orillero in Close and Open Embrace, as well as Tango Vals and Milonga. I know the deepest secrets of this dance. Ballroom Tango dancers, Salsa, Hip-Hop dancers will especially find my teaching and classes useful. But I can convey you also the secrets of simple social tango so that you can be the best in San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

And I live right near you: in Hayward, CA !

Call to arrange private or small group classes in my dance studio in Hayward, at your home, office, or party. My private classes are arranged in such a way that I will dance with you for the whole hour the multitude of tango styles.

As a tango teacher I, Igor Polk, pursue "the unconscious competence that will give students effortless mastery."

My phone is 510-582-8711, E-mail:, cell phone: 510-610-8711
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Also I teach group Tango classes in Palo Alto on Mondays. In Hayward I have place for private tango classes and small group classes.

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Tango at San Mateo Central Park Bistro

 Tango in Palo Alto

Milongero step

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"..One thing I really regret and I will deeply miss is my dance sessions with you. In our last session I felt I have started to dance and I loved it. I hope I come back to Northern California some days and continue my lessons with you..." - M


Why Tango:

NPR (radio):

  • Psychologists and physical therapists believe learning to tango can help people suffering from Alzheimers, Parkinson’s Disease, and depression. Find out more at the first International Conference on Tango Therapy.

Igor Polk: "The author mentions that Tango has good effect of people with chronic depression perhaps, how he said, "contra intuitively because the tango lyrics [in Spanish] is very sad". Well, it is a common misunderstanding. Particularly sad music, songs and lyrics cures and brings a person back to the good mood. Tango is just a little sad, just enough. And there is a lot of joy there also."

New York Times, 2007, 08/24 :

  • "Natalie Rogers, a psychotherapist in Manhattan who said she prescribes tango to some of her patients struggling with performance anxiety. “I tell women that it’s a great way to meet men.” ";
  • "Tango is a leveler of age differences as well. Alexander Turney, 89 ... said he learned to tango at age 67, “and it gave me a new lease on life.”";
  • " “When celebrities come by, they just hang out... We don’t bother them. Tango people are not grovelers.”";
  • "“It’s a lot more fun than going to the gym, where you feel like a hamster.” "

Joyful Dancing:

  • "Music and dance synchronize, harmonize, amplify and enhance our essential biorhythms. They can slow down processes of aging, extend our life and greatly enrich the quality of every day of our entire life.";
  • "music, dance, laughter, touching hands, and happy social interactions combine in a mystic synergistic way to activate our hormones and neurotransmitters (such as beneficial “beta endorphins”, “enkephalins”, “dynorphins” and “oxytocins”)."

Dances of Universal Peace:

  • "..the test of experienced Dance or Walk teachers is not that they are magnetic personalities or entertainers, but rather that they can become a clearer lens for this flow of energy back and forth.."

The Sydney Morning Herald:

  • "the nature of the tango is such that participants switch off the automatic negative thought patterns that contribute to anxiety and depression"






My name is Igor Polk. I dance and teach tango in San Francisco Bay Area and live in Hayward, California

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