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Here is the San Francisco Tango Internet Map.
This is me Igor Polk. I am dancing Argentine Tango in San Francisco and maintain this list. I am happy to include you in here.

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Some Great Samba links: welcome to my Gafieira virtual show!

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The Calendar of all Tango events in San Francisco Bay Area

TangoMango. I do not always follow the logic of the yellow highlighting of certain events in this Tango Mango calendar.
About Local Tango:

Tango lessons in Mountain View and Sunnyvale, CA

Best Tango Clubs:

Golden Gate
El Valenciano
Cell Space
Cafe Florida
Monte Cristo
The Beat
Studio Gracia
Cafe Cocomo
Tango Magdalena

Building the tango community ( teaches and organizers ):

Alisa Adams ---- Schedule
Alison Hurwitz
---- Website
Alla Shatsova
---- Website
Amy Little ---- Website
Andrea Fuchilieri
--- Webpage | Video
Becky Boosalis
---- Schedule | Website
Bianca Blesching
--- Webpage
Carolina Rozensztroch
---- Website | Video (with Roberto)
Charity Lebron and Sean Dockery
---- Website | Video
Chelsea Eng
---- Website | Video ( with George Garcia )
Christopher Nassopoulos and Caroline Peattie
---- Website | Video
Christy Cote ---- Website | DVDs | Video
Count Glover ---- Website
David y Mariana ---- Website
Demetrius ---- Website
Donna Agoitia
---- Website - in Petaluma
Dorcas Hendershott
---- Website and Schedule - organizer
Felipe Martinez ---- Website
Fernando Filippelli
---- Schedule | Website - in Monterrey
Gary & Nirmala
---- Website
George Nicol
---- Website
Glenn Corteza ---- Website
Guillermo Garcia ---- Website
Gustavo and Jesica Hornos ---- Website | Video
Gwendolyne & Sheldon ---- Website
Homer Ladas ---- Website | Videos
Hung-Yut Chen ---- Website
Igor Polk ---- Website | Video
Iris Mayo
---- Website
Jean-Pierre Sighe ---- Website
Jonathan Yamauchi and Olivia Levitt ---- Website
Julian Miller Ramil ---- Website
Karen Lile ---- Website
Ken & Natasha ---- Schedule & Website
Lisette Perelle
---- Website
Marcelo Solis ----
Website | Video
---- Schedule | Website
Nancy & David Mendoza ---- Website
Ney Melo ---- e-mail | Website | Video
Ney Melo and Jennifer Bratt
---- Website
Nora Dinzelbacher
---- e-mail | Tango Week | Video
Pier Voulkos & Daniel Peters | Video
Pinky Suarez ---- Website
Roberto Riobo ---- Website | Video (with Carolina)
Sonja Riket ---- Website
Stella ---- Website
Sue Flanagan ---- Website: Tango Fantastico
Ted Ross
---- E-mail
Yanina & Gennaro ---- Webpage

Neighborhood Tango Clubs:

(For the list of Globally important San Francisco Tango Clubs click here )

330 Ritch Street ---- Website - Tango Oblivion ( Host: Nouchine )
Alberto's Nightclub ---- Website - in Mountain View
Allegro Ballroom
---- Directions | Website
Argentine Tango Club of Berkeley ---- Website
---- Website
BayWest ---- Website
Blackhawk Tango ---- Website
Block Party Dance Studio ---- Website - a successor of Metronome and "Cheril Burke"
Broadway Studios ---- Website - it used to be a tango place. Not any more, but so many happy memories!
Cafe Cocomo ---- Website - it is also a Salsa space.
Palo Alto Jewish Community Center ---- Website - in Palo Alto. Also Mountain View, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, San Jose.
Dance Easy ---- Website - in El Serrito
Milonga Desde El Alma ---- Schedule in Santa Cruz
Metronome Dance Center ---- Website | Schedule ( the center is closed, but website is still there.. See Block Party Dance Studio)
La Milonga de Emilio  - in Los Altos. DJ Emilio Flores ---- e-mail
Milonga del Espiritu Libre ---- Website
Hillside Club ---- Website - in Berkeley
Lake Merritt Milonga ---- Schedule
La Pista Tango ---- Webpage - 768 Brannan (Between 6th and 7th)
La Taza de Cafe ---- Website
Lafayette Dance Center ---- 3369 Mt. Diablo Blvd. (off street) Lafayette, CA
Milonga at the Masonic ---- Website - in Mountain View
Mission Blue ---- Page
Peña Pacha Mama ---- Website
Post Street Theatre ---- Website
Tango Magdalena ---- Website (510-390 2886)
Tango Monterey Bay ---- Schedule | Website
Redwood City Free Practica ---- Facebook (Redwood City)
Trio Bistro ---- Webpage
SWANGOSA ---- Website - Tango, swing, and salsa
Stanford Tango Club ---- Website
The Steppin' Out ---- Website

Dancing in the community: ( dancers )

( social as well as stage, so if you dance in San Francisco and have a page you want to share, does not matter what your level is - your link goes here)

Alison Hurwitz ---- Website
Anton Gazenbeek
---- A tango book Tango Argentino ( an excellent book, not just by the current tango standards )
Beatrice Bowles
---- Website
Debbie and John ---- Website
Elaine Sirois
---- Website
Igor Polk ---- Website
Karen Lile ---- Website
Jou-Lu Hung ---- Website - a talented pianist and soprano, and it shows in dancing !
Miles ---- Website
Tango ConFusion
---- Website | Video - A women dance group: Christy Cote, Chelsea Eng, Debbie Goodwin, Michelle Loughlin, Pier Voulkos
Teressa ---- Webpage

Serving the tango community:

San Francisco Bay Area Argentine Tango Association ---- Website
Polo Talnir's Northern California's List of Tango Events ---- Website

( and often dancing too )
Corazon Al Sur
---- Website
The Essential Tango singers
---- Website - Kilo Munos and Leon Palad
Fumi Sasa
---- Website - Alexander Technique (pain relief) for dancers
Linda Ayre
---- Website - Tango dress
Marcelo Puig and "Bocha" Lopez
---- Schedule | Website - Guitar and bandoneon
Marty Sohl
---- Website - Dance photography
Odile Lavault
---- E-mail - accordion, bandoneon, vocals. Here you can listen to her music, but do not use it to contact Odile in Bay Area
Redwood Tango Ensemble ---- Website - A tango band
San Francisco Tango Orchestra ---- Website
Seth Asarnow ---- Website - bandoneon player and tango band
Sonja Riket ---- Website - Somatic tango therapist
Stuart ---- Website - Bay Area Argentine Tango Association
Tango A Media Luz ---- Website - Home of dancers Pampa and Valeria Cortes
Tango No.9 ---- Schedule | Website - A tango band
Tangonero ---- Website - A tango band
Ted Viviani ---- Website - Producer
Trio Garufa ---- Website - A tango band


Antipanico Tango Festival ---- Website
Nora's Tango Week
---- Website
---- Website ( San Francisco Tango Exchange )
Barrio Tango Practica
---- Page - practice all day every day ( sounds good! )
Blues and Tango
---- Website
San Francisco Tango Exchange ---- Website
Tango Asfalto ---- Page - Tango in San Mateo Japanese Gardens.

Argentina Restaurants

Villa del Sol ---- (650) 583-8372; 423 Grand Avenue, South San Francisco California
Lomo, Argenina Grill ---- Website - 1107 Front St., Old Sacramento, CA 95814

Other Tango communities:

Portland | Seattle | Eugene | Salt Lake City
Sacramento - ?
Fresno | Modesto | Mendocino | Santa Cruz | Monterrey
Washington DC

Tango people in the world

Ruben Terbalca:
Ernest Williams:
Joseph Domingo:

Have I missed you? Suggestions?

( if you are not in the list, why don't you e-mail me? Let us be friends. )

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This page was published firstly on March 5, 2005. Why did I do it? The root to comprehensive information on San Francisco Tango activities, events, teachers, milongas, dance parties was missed in my opinion. So to be able to find easy what I need I have made this list and shared it with you, so you can use it too. Thank you!

My name is Igor Polk. I dance argentine tango in San Francisco and Bay Area. My favorite style is close embrace or Apilado style of dancing, but I like to dance everything! More and more I feel the love to the ancient, vintage Salon style.
Argentine, Argentin Tango, Argentinian Tango, Tango Argentino, Milonguero style.

Copyright©2003 Igor Polk
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