Twisted Body Dance Theory of Argentine Tango

by Igor Polk, June 5, 2016 - May 19, 2014

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Book:  Dance Theory of Argentine Tango
$24.99, 102 pages, 152 drawings, 8.5x11, $4 mailing
in US, $12 mailing to Europe



Basic Principles of Classical Ballet, Russian Ballet Technique
by Agrippina Vaganova, Translated from Russian
Dover Publications, Inc, New York, 1946-1969
The Art of Making Dances
by Doris Humphrey
Dance Books, Alton, 1987
Exotic and Pole Dancing Illustrated
by Wendy Reardon
Alpha, Penguin Group Inc., 2007
Modern Dancing
by Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Castle
Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York and London,1914

Майя Плисецкая ( Maya Plisetskaya, in Russian)
by Майя Плисецкая
Новости, Москва, 1996


The Tango and How to Dance it
by Gladys Beattie Crozier
London: Andrew Melrose, Limited, 1913

Inside Tango Argentino, the Story of the Most Important Tango Show of All Time
by Anton Gazenbeek
Anton Gazenbeek, 2008, USA, ISBN 978-1-60725-544-4

Paso Por Paso El Tango
by Mayoral y Elsa Maria
Producciones SRL, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1987, ISBN 950-99468-0-X
Tango, The Art History of Love
by Robert Farris Thompson
Pantheon Books, New York, 2005
Carlos Gavito, Su Vida, Su Tango
by Massimo Di Marco, Monica Fumagalli
NYN, Opera Tango, Milano, Italy, 2007 ( Translated to Spanish from Italian )
Let's Dance
by Paul Bottomer
Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers, New York, 1998
Tango, The Structure of the Dance, The Key to its Secrets Revealed
by Mauricio Castro,
Cesarini Hnos. Editores, Argentina, 2000, ISBN950-526-129-2
The Tango
by Monica Gloria Hoss de le Comte
Maizal Ediciones, 2000 ( 34 pages )

Tango-Dance, In Search of the Method That Never Existed
by Hugo Mastrolorezo
Editorial El Escriba, 2008, Argentina, ISBN 978-987-605-59-0

The Tao of Tango
by Johanna Siegmann
Johanna Siegmann, 2000, Canada, ISBN 1-55212-410-X
Tango, Let's Dance to the Music
by Joaquin Amenabar
Jose Joaquin Amenabar, 2009, Buenos Aires, Argentina, ISBN 978-987-05-5574-2
Changing Directions: A Concise Guide to the Topology of Tango
by David Caditz, 9/6/2011, ISBN-13: 9781257547418 ( This is eBook )

Tango Videos

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
with Rudolph Valentino ( there are several versions, they vary)
Metro Pictures, 1921
Susana Tango Pial, Documentary, 45'
by Carlos Pico & Sandro Nunziata,
Buenos Aires, 2004

Tango Bar
with Raul Julia , Valeria Lynch , Rubén Juárez
Beco Films, Zaga Films, 1987

Tango Our Dance
AKA Tango, Baile nuestro AKA Tango, Bayle nuestro
by Jorge Zanada, 1988
Bogota Film Festival, Best Documentary
In US: Facets Multimedia Inc, 2006

Forever Tango
by Forever Tango
Luis Bravo Productions, LLC, 2007
Sentimiento de Tango
by Juan Carlos Copes
Teatro Astral, Buenos Aires
The Todaro-Bravo Tango System
by Anton Gazenbeek and Natalie Laruccia
Sergio Segura Productions, 2005
El Tango Argentino, learn how to dance (three tapes)
by Gloria & Eduardo Arquimbau
Gloardo S.A, Buenos Aires
Un tal Gavito (three tapes)
by Carlos Gavito
Solo Tango, 2000
Tango The Passion, Senor Tango ( show on video )
distributed by Madacy, 1999
Asi se baila Canyengue
by Martha Anton y Luis Grondona
Solo Tango, 1999, Buenos Aires
Asi se baila Milonga
by Pepito Avellaneda
Solo Tango, 1999
Orlando Paiva & Susana Teach Argentine Tango
by Orlando Paiva, circa 2000
Videos produced by Daniel Trenner ( circa 1998-2004)
The Tango of Juan Bruno; Pedro "Tete" Rusconi and Silvia Ceriani; Pocho Pizzaro's Antique Tango; Elina Roldan; Pocho Pizzaro and Stella Barba; The Tango of Petaca; the Milonga of Manolo; The Tango of Maria and Rudolfo Cieri; The Orillero Tango of Victor and Norma; The Tango of El Brujo with Edward Cappussi and Mariana Flores; Int/Adv Tango figures with Raul Bravo; Pablo Inza and Veronica Alvarenga; Zoraida Fontclara and Diego Alvaro; Mariela & Oscar - An introduction to Argentine Folkdance; Exploring Parallel and Crossed Systems with Jose Garofolo; The Technique of Pulpo; The Tango of Puppy Castello; An Homage to Miguel and Nelly; The Art of the Pulpo with "The Octopus" Norberto Esbrez & Luiza Paes; Advanced Training 2000 with Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena Ermocida; Boleos and Ganchos with Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli; Changes of Directions in Turns with Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli; The Milonga of Petaca with Leonardo "Petaca" Lerman; Luciana Valle and Gabriel Guerberoff; Elina Roldan and Julio Mendez; Milonga Falcety with Tommy O'Connell; Technique and Adornment for Followers with Florencia Taccetti; Tango Waltz Figures with Carolina Zokalski and Diego Di Falco; Milonga with Omar Vega; Advanced Salon Tango in Waltz Rhythm with Pedro "Tete" Rusconi and Silvia Ceriani; Follower's Technique with Daniel Trenner & Rebecca Shulman; Gustavo naveira and Olga Besio; The Exchange of Lead and Follow by Daniel Trenner & Rebecca Shulman;

Private Videos:
Candombe of Ruben Terbalca; Gabriela Lopez y Diego Ladeveze; Alberto Toledano & Loreen Arbus; Milonga with Jorge Nel; Valentango show 2005; LA Tango Fireworks circa 2005;Los Dinzel's Tango;

YouTube Videos, selected, of different styles ( improvised, unless noted):
Luis Bianchi & Daniela Pucci: (Nuevo);
Mariano "Chicho" Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda, ( and many others, Nuevo );
Osvaldo Zotto and Lorena Ermocida: ( Salon );
Miriam Larici & Hugo Patyn: ( Orillero Milonga, choreographed ) ;
Orlando Paiva: ( Masterful Apilado )
Gavito y Duran - Milonga: Con Alma y Vida: ( Stage, and other videos );
Patricio y Carla: (Stage, Choreographed. The most popular tango on youtube);
Romina LEVIN y Claudio VILLAGRA a Villa Lariano: ( Stage );
"El Cachafaz" & Carmencita Calderón (1933): ( A scene from a movie, social dancing );
Gloria y Eduardo Arquimbau: ( Didactical demo at a class 2003: Cunita, Milonga Box );
Pocho Pizarro y Stella Barba: ( Old style, Choreo );
Hector Chidichimo y Betty Pizarro:!/photo.php?v=162613890424204&set=vb.100000267811244&type=2&theater&notif_t=video_reply ( simple Salon in Close Embrace by old masters )
Maria Plazaola and Robert Hauk: ( Milonguero );
Chan Park and Susanne: ( Milonguero );
Dani Garcia and Luna Palacios: ( Milonga Apilado );
Ernest Williams and Maricela Wilson: (This is a unique video. Ernest us a serious researcher of Black Tango);
Omar Vega y Dolores De Amo 1996: ( Orillero, Choreo );
Osvaldo Centeno y Ana Maria Schapira: ( Milonguero );
Antonio Todaro and his daughter, circa 1955:;
Anna Karrassik & Ernest Williams: (Canyengue, Choreo );
Alberto Dassieu and Elba Biscay: (Tango Vals );
Tomás Howlin and Brigitta Winkler: ( Tango );
Tete y Silvia: (Tango Vals, leading with lines in close embrace );
Mariela Franganillo and Jorge Torres: ( Tango );
Milva Bernardi y Juan Lencina: ( Milonguero-Orillero );
Contrapunto Pocho Pizarro y Pepito Avellaneda:;
Nito y Elba: ( Tango Salon );
Roberto Herrera y Tamara Bisceglia: ( Show Milonga );
Victoria Galoto & Juan Paulo Horvath: Slow Tango );
Aoniken Quiroga & Giovanna Di Vincenzo: ( Salon );
Aoniken Quiroga & Luna Palacios: ( Milonga );
Unknown: ( Orillero );
Nelson Avila and Nelida Rodriguez: ( Orillero );
Natacha Poberaj and Jesus Velasquez: ( Tango in the older style. Professional performance );
Rodolfo and Maria Cieri: ( Canyengue );
Martha Anton y Manolo "El Gallego" Salvador: ( Canyengue );
Jorge Dispari y La Turca: ( Milonga );
Tango Miguel Angel Zotto y Milena Plebs: ( compact Tango);


Formalization and the Meaning of ‘‘Theory’’ in the Inexact Biological Sciences
by James Griesemer
Springer, 2012
Digital Archive of Human Dance Motions
Atsushi Nakazawa, Shinchiro Nakaoka, Shunsuke Kudoh, Katsushi Ikeuchi
Leg Motion Primitives for a Humanoid Robot to Imitate Human Dances
Shinichiro Nakaoka, Atsushi Nakazawa, Kazuhito Yokoi, Katsushi Ikeuchi
Reclaiming the Roots
by Pablo Veron
interview,, 2008,

It begins with the embrace: Exploring how couples who dance Argentine tango relate on and off the dance floor
by Wagner, Gwendolyne Marie

Intersubjectivity at Close Quarters: How Dancers of Tango Argentino Use Imagery for Interaction and Improvisation,
Michael Kimmel, University of Vienna
Journal of Cognitive Semiotics, IV(1): 76-124

Augmented tango shoes: interactive footware
Laura Sinnott, New York University, Proceeding
NIME '07 Proceedings of the 7th international conference on New interfaces for musical expression
Pages 481-481
ACM New York, NY, USA ©2007
A shoes for a dancer which produce sound

Speckled Tango Dancers: Real-Time Motion Capture of Two-Body Interactions Using On-body Wireless Sensor Networks
D. K. Arvind
, Aris Valtazanos
June 2009 BSN '09: Proceedings of the 2009 Sixth International Workshop on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks
Publisher:  IEEE Computer Society
This paper describes the application of a fully wireless network of on-body inertial/magnetic sensors for the 3-D motion capture and real-time analysis of Tango dancers.Accomplished Tango dancers exhibit both individual flair and good co-ordination with ...
Tango or Waltz?: putting ballroom dance style into tempo detection
Björn Schuller, Florian Eyben, Gerhard Rigoll
January 2008
EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing , Volume 2008
Publisher: Hindawi Publishing Corp.
Different Forms of Writing2: Recording Movement. Dance Notation
JF Ptak Science Books LLC Post #98, 2008
Towards Stylistic Consonance in Human Movement Synthesis
Elizabeth Bradley, David Capps, Jeffrey Luftig, Joshua M. Stuart
The Open Artificial Intelligence Journal, 2010, 4, 1-19
Learning the Grammar of Dance
Joshua M. Stuart, Elizabeth Bradley
Proceedings Fifteenth International conference on Machine Learning, Madison WI, USA, 1998
Using Mathematics to Generate Choreographic Variations
Liz Bradley, Josh Stuart, David Capps
Dancing Mathematics and the Mathematics of Dance
Sarah-Marie Belcastro and Karl Schaffer
Math Horizons,, February 2011
Math Dance
by Stephen Ornes about Erik Stern and Karl Schaffer
in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America,

The Author is Dancing Tango

These are the old records. They were made long before the theory was formalized and can not serve as an illustration of the ideas of this article. They merely show that I actually am able to dance somehow... New videos are in preparation.
Igor Polk and Teressa: ( social Canyengue );
Igor Polk and Teressa: ( Milonga );
Igor Polk and Cecilia Sung: ( Tango );
Igor Polk and Chantal: ( Apilado );

Igor Polkovnikov website:;

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