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by Igor Polk

Attention ! Dangerous !!!

The author does not take any responsibility for any actions and the result of the exercises described in and resulting from this videos. It is recommended that you exercise under guidance of an experienced trainer after thorough warm up. Power generated by your body may greatly surpass any imagination and be harmful. Beware !

Basic Exercises

To understand the terms, please, refer to the article ( will be published soon ). Quick notes to unfamiliar to this people. A standing leg is slightly bend always. A standing knee must be under the torso center. Free foot must always touch the ground with the ball. All this is required to obtain absolute following abilities and abilities to execute any (tango) element at any time. It also makes the poses very compact. Men, in martial arts you may want to keep the torso center between the legs, but in dance - over the foot to clearly show your partner your position. You will have plenty of times to keep the weight between when you are adjusting to your inexperienced partner, but the ideal - no. If you feel that movements are small (on some future videos large ones will be presented too), it is on purpose: it enables dancing on very croded dance floor, movement in confined conditions, allowing nevertheless the full power. Read much more about it in the upcoming articles.

Torso (0.47). This exercise shows 5 basic torso positions: Neutral, Twisted to the Right, Overtwisted to the Left, Twisted to the Left, Overtwisted to the Right, and simple transitions.

Twisting Positions of Pelvis (1.14). This exercise presents 3 basic pelvis positions: Neutral or Side, Open, and Cross and transitions between them. To the left and to the right.

14 Major Combined Pelvis and Torso Poses (1.14). The video shows 14 major poses on one leg and the simplest transitions between them. This is a difficult exercise, but invaluable. Repeat the same on another leg.

Argentine Tango "8-count basic step" (3.50) done to extreme. This is one of the several ways to perform this amazing figure. First there is man' part, then woman's part, then components, then a view from another direction. Full description in body movements of what it means.

"Cambio de Frente" of Argentine tango (1.27). Done with Boleo and rotating to Cross. Woman's part. Four views. I prefer to lead it with sacada.

Improvisation on topic of 8-count (1.47).

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