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You are at the south end of the Embarcadero where it turns into King Street. The stadium formerly called Pacific Bell Park is behind the palms. We are going to walk around the stadium. More text below..

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Move forward around the park. It is Potrero Hill there.. At the China Basin you can see the small Third Street Bridge. Let us get closer to this strange construction. You can see the giant counterweights. Turn right. Your are at the third Street at SBC Park. Use [Esc] key to come back, this way you can see more in this internet version. Now if you..

Turn left.. you get to the tiny Berry Street. There is the China Basin Landing building there and another view of the 3rd street bridge and its counterweights.

Continuing along Berry Street brings you to the view of the 280 Freeway. Here our China Basin tour starts.

Move forward.. you will get to the west entrance - Willie Mays Gate to SBC Park at the clock tower. Do not miss the Baseball Player sculpture.

Then you get to the Embarcadero and make a full circuit.

Turn right.. you can see the southern entrance. Moving forward along China Basin brings you to South Beach Harbor. There are a pier, yachts, Bay Bridge view, city view, and a view of the whole stadium itself there. Coming back you will see the "San Francisco Seals" statue. At the statue you can continue along the harbor or along the Park.

Continuing along the park brings you closer to the One Embarcadero South building, King Street, Momos restaurant, and Second Street.

Continuing along the harbor, you pass the Java House restaurant, Pier 40 Harbor Grill, and get to the Embarcadero heading north. Her is the north end of the south part of the Embarcadero.



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