Yerba Buena Gardens

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This is one of the cultural centers of the city. A favorite place to spend weekend or have lunch. As part of the same project as Moscone Center, it became a catalyst to re-development of South of Market area. Center for the arts is here.

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If you came here from the tour index, you are at Fourth and Howard streets.

We enter the gardens near the Carousel. You get up the stairs at Zeum. Now you are on the overpass. Moscone Convention Center is on the right. Move forward. Now you are at the south end of Metreon. Marriott hotel tower is in front of you. On the right there are views of the city from the upper terrace near Starbucks Coffee. Flowers are everywhere.

Walk around the park and Esplanade. You can see "Shaking Man" sculpture by Terry Allen, 1993, downtown views with SFMOMA prominent building, fountains, rose bowls, the Martin Luther King waterfalls, the largest fountain is actually on the roof on Moscone Center North. Here is the large picture of Yerba Buena Gardens at this place. At Mission Street you can see St. Patrick's Church. Get to the gallery behind the waterfalls. Your way around Moscone Center continues at SFMOMA.


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