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San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge over the Golden Gate, a strait between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. It connects the city with Marin County. The bridge was designed and built in 1929-1937. Irving Morrow acted as consulting architect and Joseph Strauss was the designer and chief engineer. Actual construction started in January, 1933. Here are virtual tours along the bridge. Walk along the bridge, virtual stroll, visit nearby places with great views of the bridge. Have experience as if you are there! All of San Francisco on-line.
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Another Golden Gate Bridge view from Alcatraz:
a large picture

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    Magnificent views of the Golden Gate Bridge from the north. Battery Spencer 1897-1943

    Fort Point is located right under the Golden Gate Bridge.

    Great Golden Gate Bridge scenes from Fort Point, Battery East

    Extraordinary New Production at Herbst Theatre!
    Leading Ladies of Tango


    Walk along Golden Gate Gridge and enjoy panoramas. - This is my old virtual walk across the bridge as it always used to be, but pictures are larger and better. So, you will walk along as if you are there!
    This is NOT a VR panorama. Try it!
    You still can review the old version here.
    Maritime National Historical Park: Balclutha sailing ship on the background of Golden Gate Bridge - Golden Gate Bridge views from Hyde Street Pier and Aquatic Park. Hyde Street Pier is a part of Fisherman's Wharf closest to the bridge. There are a lot of historical boats and ships around.
    Golden Gate Birdge South Tower - Golden Gate Bridge panoramas from Camino del Mar. This is a small but unusual tour. It is made of large pictures (130k), a little walk along the trail under the California setting sun. This views are from the west, from Pacific Ocean side. All other views are from the east, from the city side.
    Golden Gate Bridge view from Alcatraz - Golden Gate Bridge from Alcatraz. We are essentially right in front looking toward the ocean.

    and Pictures:

    We start from Crissy Field, the area near the Palace of Fine Arts and the Exploratorium. Here the old long line of military bases, batteries, and fortifications protecting the city from the sea starts. This part is called Presidio. Now it is a park filled with museums and historical sites. A strait between ocean and the bay is on the right side. Pacific Ocean is behind the bridge.
    Golden Gate Bridge view from Crissy Field

    Golden Gate Bridge viewed from Battery East
    Golden Gate Bridge view from Battery East

    Battery Boutelle 1901-1917. Experience the smell of battle. Moving forward you can see the bridge form "inside".

    Great views from above. Golden Gate Bridge at sunset

    Point Bonita. Sunset. California coast

    Crissy Field. Golden Gate Promenade. Trail to the Golden Gate Bridge starts here

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    Fort Point:
    Constructed in 1861 to protect San Francisco. It fulfilled its purpose: no enemy ever tried to approach the shores.
    Fort Point is under the Golden Gate Bridge

    Fort Point light house:
    Can you believe your eyes? A 19th-century fort and a light house are right under the bridge. During the construction of the bridge, the fort was carefully preserved. As a historical arti-fact? May be not only.
    light house under Golden Gate Bridge

    Joseph Strauss statue and the gift shop. Located near toll plaza 9 (on the left) and the parking lot (behind us), this place is a starting point for a walk across the bridge. Go forward to get there.
    Joseph Strauss memorial photo

    A suspension cable section. The cable has 27,572 wires.
    Golden Gate Bridge Cable

    Now we are on top. It is the best San Francisco attraction - to walk across the Bridge. Let's go. Start your virtual stroll here.
    Start walking along Golden Gate Bridge

    The south tower. It rises to 746 ft (227 m) above the sea level, or 500 ft (152 m) above us. Width of the bridge is 90 ft (27 m). A central span - 4200 ft (1280 m).
    Golden Gate Birdge South Tower

    A walk across the sea. A flight to the sky.
    Top of the Tower

    At the Tower
    At the bottom of the tower

    We are at the middle of the bridge 246 ft ( 75 m ) above the sea level. One of the best views of San Francisco and neighborhood.
    San Francisco view from the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge

    Here is the intermediate finish of your virtual stroll. Golden Gate Bridge viewed from Marin County. We finished our walk at the vista point. You can get here by car, but it is not the same. I can not even find words to compare. Look at the hill on the right. There is our next stop. Muir Woods is nearby.
    View at Golden Gate  Bridge from the north  observation point

    From the north. Battery Spencer.
    If you are a dedicated tourist, you will get here. The best view of the bridge. A 10-20 minutes walk from the preceding location. Uphill. Take the pedestrian walkway under the bridge and follow the signs. Find this way in our virtual tour. You can get here by car too. The battery buildings of 20th and 19th century are behind us. This is the best place to take the Golden Gate Bridge photo.
    The best Golden Gate Bridge view from Battery Spencer


    We are on the road toward Hawk Hill looking behind.
    Bridge view from Hawk Hill

    View of the Presidio of San Francisco. The Richmond district is on the right-hand side. Baker Beach is visible there too on the very right. Mount Sutro and the Sutro TV Tower dominate the skyline.
    Golden Gate straigt

    The Span
    The bridge span

    We are at the Hawk Hill. View of the North Tower.
    Yerba Buena Island is right behind the top of the tower. Alcatraz is a little to the left. Kirby cove is below. Mount Diablo dominates the horizon on the left side. See this tiny peak? Well, on a large picture it looks much better. On the left side you can see a road we've just taken. We are actually above the bridge towers and still can climb higher to visit a magnificent fort of the 20th century - the battery construction N127, but that is in another tour.
    Alcatraz and northern bridge tower

    Sunset. Now you can see why all this is called "Golden."
    Golden Gate Bridge picture at sunset

    Ships are big. But the Bridge is much bigger.
    A Golden Gate to California. Welcome!
    A ship under the Golden Gate Bridge

    The Golden Gate Bridge at night
    Golden Gate Bridge at night

    Now back to San Francisco. Land's End. We've just been at the hills on the left. Now we are at the Palace of the Legion of Honor.
    Golden Gate Bridge view from Land's End

    Farther to the west. Camino del Mar. This is Angel Island behind the Bridge. On a sunny day the bay is filled with sailing-ships.
    Camino del Mar. Angel island is behinde the Golden Gate Bridge

    Farther away. We are at Pacific ocean at Ocean Beach and Cliff House.
    Golden Gate Park is behind us. Tourists do not know the Sutro park (my favorite one) which is on top of the hill. Golden Gate Bridge is a greatest but just one of San Francisco's numerous attractions. It is not visible from here, but now you know what to expect advancing around the hill...

    Ocean Beach. Cliff House

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    Where is the Golden Gate Bridge? ---- In San Francisco :)
    When was the Golden Gate Bridge completed? ---- In 1937.
    What is the length of the Golden Gate Bridge? ---- 1.7 miles ( 2,7 km ), with a central span of 4,200 ft ( 1280 meters ).
    How tall is Golden Gate Bridge? ---- The height of the towers above water is 746 ft ( 227 m ). The roadway is 220ft ( 67 m ) above water. And the water is 318ft ( 97 m ) deep.
    How many lanes does the bridge have? ---- 6 for vehicles and 2 for pedestrians, but one of them is usually closed.
    In what year did Joseph Strauss die? ---- 1938


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