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July 09, 2006

The following dancers presented in videos are not known outside of very close tango circuits. All these for dances are in the same style ( I guess what Ney Melo is currently working on :)   ). "Villa Urquiza style", how Ney calls it.

JORGE DISPARI & LA TURCA TANGO video as well as others is shot by Ney Melo ( You have seen him in my album - in white suite )

EL CHINO PERICO & SILVINA DAMIANI Tango video. Good educational dance.

GONZALO CABRERA y ROXANA SUAREZ video. Younger generation.


You can find more tango video here.

Where to get Tango Shoes

Read more about dancing shoes, where to mail-order them. Unfortunately, I do not have any information on specifically Tango Shoes, but I believe shoes for Salsa should work well. Ladies, choose ones with closed toe, holding back, strong, not very high heel.
So called "Character Ballet shoes" are great, very cheap, and can be found in any dance store. Choose ones with higher heels.

Women's dress:
Linda Ayre: ( Local )
TangoLeva: ( not local )

In San Francisco


What other Argentine Tango classes and tango dance parties are close to Palo Alto. More info.

Where to Dance Tango in San Francisco  Bay Area - best places

Everything about Tango in San Francisco and Bay Area. Classes, Milongas, Teachers, Dancers, Places, and Musicians

How to get Tango Music

Igor's Tango Blog

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