Igor Polk,
San Francisco Click principal photographer and virtual tour designer

Igor Polk, San Francisco Click Photographer

San Francisco Click | Yes San Francisco LLC

Igor Polk immigrated to USA in 1990 from what is now Belarus. He and his family were the very first emigrants from that country directly to US under the new order. Since that time Igor Polk worked in the area of software engineering in a number of companies until in 2002 he has founded Yes San Francisco, LLC and moved to exciting area of photography and virtual tours. Photography was not new to Igor. Igor was born in 1961 and since the age 12 possessed a professional camera. At 18 he saved up from his small salary and purchases his first movie camera. It was probably the only time in his life when he was able to save something. Tours, in the form of backpacking trips or just traveling were most important part of Igor's life. Igor lead backpacking sport adventure group trips around Belarus, Karelia, Lithuania, Crimea, Carpathian Mountains, Caucasus Mountains. He was in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara, Minsk, Moldavia, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine. All in that part of the globe which once was the Russian Empire.

Igor holds a degree from a Minsk Electronic University which is an equivalent of MSEE in automatic control systems. He worked in a number of prominent manufacturing establishments. Before 1990 he was conducting research in artificial intelligence, automatic problem solving, image recognition, and fast image analysis algorithms, and has a number of publications including one in 1992 IEEE on superfast scalar processor architecture. Since 1990, in US, Igor worked for CCC, Creative Labs, Incyte Genomics, and several start up companies. Here is Igor's job resume, if you are interested. Now Igor is completely engrossed in his work with Virtual Tours which he considers not less than a new form of art. He believes very strongly in success of his business establishment which is supported by many people who find his work unique and exciting.

Tango Dancing in San FranciscoBesides scientific, business, and photo interests, Igor likes to spend his leisure time dancing Argentine Tango. Here is his personal Argentine Tango site.

"Bio": "Igor Polk's main scientific interest is in the area of automatic image analysis and recognition with parallel specialized processors and algorithms. In 2001 he founded "Yes San Francisco, LLC" researching and producing Virtual Walking Tours on CDROMs and internet. Igor started to learn and dance Argentine tango in 2000 and finds it the most fascinating activity he ever did. He is most interested in social and healing aspects of tango as well as the reconstruction of the old look and technique of the dance. Igor has founded Palo Alto JCC Tango Club in 2005 and is teaching tango there. More at www.virtuar.com"




Igor Polk, November 30, 2006