Neo, Milonguero, and Salon Tango sub-Communities

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What Tango sub communities we have now: Neo, Milonguero, and Salon.

Tango world is divided into 3 groups:

- Neo. Alternative tango. They mostly play modern non-tango music with some occasions of classic tango to create the feel of it. Often old tangos are of poor choice, quality, and taste as if Neo People want to compromise the dance.

- Milonguero. Tango music strictly before 50s. Some modern music may be played, but chosen very carefully for its rhythmical and sensual quality. Later Pugliese is never played.

- Salon. They prefer the wide and splashy music of later Pugliese, Troilo, and their numerous modern iterations. Old music is played at some milongas often or not at all, if you happen to have live "Color Tango"s. Modern non tango music might be included if it follows the feel, but mainly counterposing Neo Tango parties. This salon is not quite the same as salon before 50s, and very far away from salon of 20s and Tango Liso. These dances are the best to dance at Milonguero parties. PS. I remember being a beginner when I went to these parties the sparkles of old tangos in between pumping emotions music . It always stoke me - oh, this is so rhythmic, this is so sensual, this is so musically elaborated!.. Why don't they play it more?..I am still going to these parties, but they play more old music these days. Good!

Both close and open embrace are danced in every sub-community with very distinctive variations.
Tango Nuevo is not Neo tango. It can be danced at any party, but Salon should be the best, since the dance was made to that music.

These 3 are not dancing styles per se. Here is more about tango styles.

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My name is Igor Polk. I dance Argentine tango in San Francisco.

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