2 Very Powerful Methods of Improvisation

Igor Polk, 2005 September 30

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...For the good improvisational dance, the mind must be set up to fight memory. At every moment it must think "how to change it? How to surprise the partner? Oops, it feels the same way like I did several beats ago, let me do it differently". Variations are innumerable: change an angle, change speed, introduce a tap, a twist in an arm or body, move longer or shorter, stop, vibrate, do it in place, do it progressing, do it with a another direction of progressing, ... and so on. With the same figures and steps, but done differently.

Here are 2 very powerful methods of empowering improvisation:

1. Do exactly the same like the last several steps - once this symmetry is introduced - it becomes a figure! It is unusual in its equivalence.

2. If you make a change, a variation, make it several times ( more than 2 ) with increased difference. For example: step. then step longer. This is a variation already. Then step even longer! And more! That creates a variation of variations.

Ability to change your dance is a key to musicality. It is not enough to feel the music and try to play your own instrument as a dancer. You must BE ABLE to do it at any given moment!...

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