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Igor Polk, February 22, 2006

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I have just received a message which I'd like to publish in its completeness.
( with only some minor formatting for readability).

-----Original Message-----
From: John []
Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2006 2:04 PM
Subject: [cellspace] REMINDER & SPECIAL NOTICE: PINK NIGHT “An Evening Dedicated to Women”

Please Note: there is a new detour for westbound Bay Bridge traffic, so there may be delays.

Just a reminder for tonight, (2/22):
During our regular cellspace milonga, Project Tango is hosting a San Francisco local fundraising event for breast cancer research, support and awareness.

MISSION: Our goal is to combine the efforts of as much of the San Francisco Bay area Tango community as possible to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research Foundation

This benefit features a stellar performance by Tango Con*Fusion, as well as "Celebrity" Taxi Dancers, "Nickel & Dime" Taxi Dancers, and a silent auction featuring private lessons from top Bay Area tango instructors.


Our primary fundraising strategy employs the concept of "Taxi Dancers". A TAXI DANCER is an individual who is "employed" to dance with patrons for a fee. [ETYMOLOGY: Dancers are hired, like taxis, for a short period of time.]

For our event, in order to encourage increased attendance and participation, we have recruited some of the most well-respected tango "celebrities" from within the bay area tango community to volunteer as taxi dancers. All proceeds from the Taxi Dancing will go directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.



We host a silent auction featuring Private Classes donated by bay area tango instructors -

Note: winners will be responsible for any studio rental fees associated with the private class; starting bids will be $20; bids will increase in increments of $5; the auction will be closed and prizes announced at 11:30 PM; all proceeds from the silent auction will go directly to charity


We expect More Taxi dancers & Silent Auction Donors to be added to these lists within the next week…


50% of tonight's admission will go directly to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. We will also be selling pink bracelets and pink carnations at the door - all profits go to Breast Cancer Research Foundation.




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