Jorge Nel in the San Francisco Bay Area, 2007

Elaine Kho, October 19, 2007

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Igor Polk: Jorge Nel is a wonderful professional dancer and very good teacher of Traditional Tango. Here is the information about his visit to San Francisco in October on his way from Portland Tango Festival where Jorge was a guest instructor. By the way, Jorge is selling tango shoes. It is your opportunity to get something nice. For the websites of all these tango places please visit:

Jorge Nel

JORGE NEL: Oct.23-Oct.31

Workshop Schedule:

Santa Cruz:

Tues. October 23/ 846 Front Street Studio B 
Class#1: 8:30-9:30   Milonga traspie ;  Jorge has a very special system to
                                   understand in one class how to dance traspie.
Class #2: 9:30-10:30 Musicality  in tango and vals.  Techniques to understand  
                                    the different  music interpretations  in tango and waltz
Tuesday October 30
Class #1: 8:30-9:30 Milonga traspie for milongueros.  you will get the six more 
                                 popular combination  in milonga traspie.
Class#2:  9:30-10:30  Cadence in the  tango waltz
Register and privates: Sharon: 831-325-6760
$20/class at door, $30 for both classes with pre-registration

San Francisco:

Renaissance Ballroom 285 Ellis Street
Sat. October 27
Class#1    1-2:30:        Milonga traspie from the baldosa
Class #2   2:45-4:15    Musicality  in tango and valtz technique how to understand   
                                     the different  tempos  in tango and waltz
Class #3   4:30-6         Tango salon Buenos Aires style. Learn how to dance
                                     tango like in the traditional milongas in Buenos Aires
Sun. October 28
Class#1     2:30-4pm     La marca in the tango another techniques how to lead 
                                     your partner
Class#2     4:15-5:45    Milonga traspie for milongueros
Register &privates: , 510-508-9500
$25/ workshop, $65/3 workshop package, $100/ 5 workshop package (in advance before10/25)

Pre-Milonga Class:

Fri. 10/26: Diamond Heights milonga: 101 Goldmine Drive SF, CA 8-midnight

Mon. 10/29:  2101 Mariposa Street  SF  Pre-Milonga class: 8-9pm Sacadas in a close embrace.

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