What is a difference between a Tango Festival and a Dance Camp

Igor Polk, Sept 4, 2007

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A Tango Festival is when majority of the dancers of the city attend the event. When it is a true tango celebration. People come mostly to meet with each other. Teachers are ego to participate in these events – they make their names there. Example: Portland festivals. They are usually less expensive.

Dance camps are tailored to one or several particular tango teachers. People come to learn from them. They are sometimes attended only by a fraction of local tango dancers. The Tango teachers and performers are the key of the event: organizers use the established Names to attract people to the event. The dance camps are usually more expensive.

Of course, these are the extremes of a scale. There is often a festival spirit in the dance camps and Festivals are watched for good professional dancers and teachers.

All True Festivals started as Dance camps.

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