"A Tango Trilogy" in San Francisco, 2008

Ted Viviani, November 1, 2007

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1 NOVEMBER, 2007 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Ted Viviani, Executive Producer of Extreme Tango announced  today one of the most extraordinary tango projects ever, "A Tango Trilogy".  This star-studded, 3-program series is designed bring the international tango spotlight back to San Francisco. Viviani has assembled and cast featuring some of the world's very best tango and non-tango talent for a presentation that truly exhibits the tango's historical reputation of pushing the limits traditional social norms.
 A Tango Trilogy

"A Tango Trilogy", is a unique, female dominated Argentine Tango series the scope of which has never been seen before. With 26 of its 30 cast members women, it consists of three separate and distinct programs featuring 4 performances of each. Totaling 12 performances, "A Tango Trilogy" will be held at San Francisco's Palace of Fine Arts with opening performances of Programs #1,#2, and #3 on April 15, August 18, and November 28, respectively. Tickets will be sold only as a series of 3 shows until March 1, after March 1 single seat tickets will become available. Ticket prices for the 3-program series range from $150US to $60US, with a 10% discount if purchased prior to March 1. Single seat tickets will range from $55US-$25US with a 10% single show discount for Seniors and Students and a 10% single show discount for groups of 10 or more. All seating is reserved with series tickets guaranteeing same seats for all three programs.  Single seat tickets will be sold on a space available basis.  Tickets are scheduled to go on sale on-line at www.tix.com starting January 2, 2008.

Program #1 Tango Evolution:
Eroica Trio - Erika Nickrenz (USA, Piano), Suzie Park (Australia, Violin), & Sara Sant' Ambrogio (USA,Cello)
Daniel Binelli  (Argentina, Bandoneon)
Eduardo Isaac  (Argentina, Guitar)
Miriam Larici & Hugo Patyn - (Argentina, Dancers)

April 18-19, 2008 (8:00PM)
April 20, 2008 (2:00PM/7:00PM)

First concert review

Miriam & HugoBinelli

Program #2 Tango x 3 (3 Pianos - Solos, Duets & Trios)
Argentine Tango and Brazilian Jazz
Polly Ferman  (Uruguay, Piano)
Erika Nickrenz (USA, Piano)
Jovino Santos Neto (Brazil, Piano)

August 15-16, 2008 (8:00PM)
August 17, 2008 (2:00PM/7:00PM)

Jovino Santos Neto

Program #3 Leading Ladies of Tango - Café Victoria
Silvana Deluigi (Argentina, Singer)

Tango Mujer (Dancers):
Angelika Fischer (Germany)
Brigitta Winkler (Germany)
Fabienne Bongart (Switzerland)
Rebecca Schulman (USA)
Sharna Fabiano (USA)
Valeria Solomonoff (Argentina)

Tango Con*Fusion:
Debbie Goodwin (USA)
Chelsea Eng (USA)
Christy Cote (USA)
Pier Volkos (USA)
Charity Lebron (USA)
Christina Rozensztroch (Argentina/USA)

Polly Ferman (Uruguay, Music Director/Piano)
Eleonora Ferryera (Argentina, Bandoneon)
Bettina Hartl (Germany, Bandoneon)
Ina Paris (Cuba, Violin)
Viviana Guzman (Chile, Flute)
Anna Maria  Medieta (USA, Harp)
Yung chiao Wei (Taiwan, Double Bass)

November 28-29 (8:00PM)
November 30 (2:00PM/7:00PM) 2008

Valeria & SharnaSilvana

The 26 female cast member will present impeccable national and international credentials in music, dance and voice. "A Tango Trilogy" is not a simple set of "local" shows, but a major international event. These ladies hail from 9 different countries (9 from the USA, 8 from Argentina, 3 from Germany, one each from Switzerland, Canada, Australia, Taiwan, Uruguay, and Chile). The quality of these performers and the international nature of this "American" conceived project has generated interest in both Europe and Japan.

20 of these women were featured in "The Leading Ladies of Tango" which debuted December 2006 in San Francisco.  All 20 will be returning for a revised version and updated series Program #3.  "The Leading Ladies of Tango -  Cafe Victoria", will kick off the Holiday Shopping season with the series finale on November 28, 2008.  This program is the first serious full feature, all female tango production ever.

"The Leading Ladies of Tango" drew slightly more than 2000 people to the Herbst Theatre last December. Singer Silvana Deluigi (Buenos Aires) and the 7-piece Leading Ladies of Tango Orchestra directed by Polly Ferman (Uruguay), featured two bandoneonists, Eleonora Ferryera (Buenos Aires) and Bettina Hardl (Berlin) who were nothing short of outstanding.  Yung chiao Wei (Taiwan), soloing on double bass with Silvana, both were brilliant.  Valeria Solomonoff's solo dance against a white wall and Brigitta Winkler and Fabienne Bongart debuting their exotic choreography "Silk", danced to nothing more that a heart beat and rainfall, were only two of the dance highlights from Tango Mujer.  Local dancers from Tango Con*Fusion delighted the audience with their "Embrace" and "Ladies in Waiting" danced to music transcribed and arranged personally by Daniel Binelli.  Please view the five video clips from the December 2006 debut performance of Leading Ladies of Tango filmed at San Francisco's Herbst Theatre.

Expanding on the female theme Program #1 - "Tango Evolution" reaches out into the classical music world. The three women of the Eroica Trio are considered the most sought after classical chamber music group in the world. They performed to a sold out Davies Hall four nights in a row with the San Francisco Symphony in April 2007.  As a group they have two Grammy nominations and cellist, Sara Sant' Ambrogio, is the winner of a solo Grammy.  Appearing in the same program I have the international dance superstar from "Forever Tango" and "Tango and Fire", Miriam Larici. 

Program #2 - "Tango x 3",  join pianists, Polly Ferman and Erika Nickrenz, both prestigious Steinway Artists, in another unique presentation, a three-piano trio.  The third member of the trio and more on its content will be revealed below. 

If 26 of  30 are women, who are the four mystery males? They are men who's reputations further establish this project as a serious mechanism with which to move the tango into the 21st century.  Program #1 features the Eroica Trio teamed with the brilliant composer/bandoneonist Daniel Binelli, classical guitarist Eduardo Isaac and Miriam Larici's dance partner, the magnificent,  Hugo Patyn, truly three of tango's contemporary male superstars.

In a rarely heard of 3-piano trio, Project #2, two-time Latin Grammy nominee, Jovino Santos Neto of Brazil, joins Ferman and Nickrenz and brings a unique twist to  by combining his own Brazilian jazz and tango compositions with traditional and symphonic tango. 

These men will contribute more than just their musicianship. Both Binelli and Neto provided much of the music, both original and arranged, for the Leading Ladies Orchestra and Project #3.  Also for Project #3, the great Pablo Ziegler rearranged his Latin Grammy winning Milonga del Adios, specifically for the 7-piece Leading Ladies of Tango Orchestra; and the  young Argentinean guitarist, Anibal Coriglioi supplies his new milonga, Guarda con la Banquina.  While the traditions of the tango are not lost, this project goes the extra mile to prove that the genre is very much alive and has a vibrant future ahead of it.


A Tango Trilogy Overview:

Program 1) Tango Evolution: This program features the Eroica Trio, along with bandoneonist, Daniel Binelli and world-renowned guitarist, Eduardo Isaac. The Eroica Trio is considered the most sought after classical chamber music group in the world and Binelli the very best in contemporary tango.  Both have performed to sold out houses with the San Francisco Symphony in 2007.  In addition the, the international dance superstars Miriam Larici and Hugo Patyn, both from the 1998 Broadway cast of Forever Tango, will be featured guest artists. A similar version of this show was successfully presented at UC Berkeley's Zellerbach Hall, July 3, 2004. This program opens April 18, 2008, and runs through April 20 for 4 shows.

Program 2) Tango x 3 (Tango Para Tres Pianos): A rare performance by three world class pianists: Polly Ferman (New Tango Vision and Leading Ladies of Tango), two-time Grammy nominee, Erika Nickrenz (Eroica Trio), and 2004/2006 Latin Grammy nominee, Jovino Santo Neto of Brazil. These three extraordinary talents will combine in a unique mix of Argentine Tango with Brazilian jazz. This program will also feature the debut of two new original pieces of music, one by Binelli, and the other by Neto, written specifically for a three-piano trio. This program opens August 15, 2008, and runs through August 17 for 4 shows.

Program 3) Leading Ladies of Tango Cancelled- A Night at Café Victoria: A completely revised 20 woman, all-female presentation of the Leading Ladies of Tango stage show which debuted in December 2006. The program will again star Argentinean singer Silvana Deluigi, with Canadian, Allyson Manta (Cirque du Soleil) as Director, Uruguay's Polly Ferman as Music Director of a 7-piece orchestra, and the return of the 12 dancers from Tango Mujer and Tango Con*Fusion. This program opens November 28, 2008 and runs through November 30, 2008 for 4 shows.

Media Contact: David Perry & Associates, Inc. / David Perry (415) 693-0583 / cell: (415) 676-7007 / news@davidperry.com
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