Alicia Pons and Robert Hauk in San Francisco Bay Area, 2009

2009, January 20

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A wonderful tango dancer Alicia Pons combined her charm with Robert Hauk to help us understand tango better.

Alicia comes to us right after her teaching at Milongueando 2009 festival in Buenos Aires alongside with such well known names as Susana Miller, Liliana Godoy, Tete, and Ricardo Viqueira.

Alicia Pons trained in classical dance from an early age and performed in some of Buenos Aires’ most well known theatres. Following her introduction to tango she gravitated toward the milonguero style. In the milongas of Buenos Aires she developed her personality as a dancer, refining her technique as a sensual, playful and elegant follower. For a number of years she taught with Cacho Dante and more recently has been teaching private and group classes of her own in Buenos Aires and regularly attending festivals and giving workshops on the tango circuit in the United States. A generous teacher, her classes focus on presence in the dance and connection.

It would be worthwhile to mention that Alicia is a university professor of psychology and fluent in English. Robert Hauk said "She is the best dancer, I ever danced with"

Robert Hauk is a well known all around US teacher of milonguero style of tango. Recently he conducted tango workshops in Bay Area visiting us twice. He is a most useful tango teacher, was very welcomed by our students.

Alicia Pons

Here is Alicia dances Milonga with Osky Casas:

Ruben Harymbat y Alicia Pons, tango:

Robert Hauk & Alicia Pons dance to Gallo Ciego:


Alicia and Robert will conduct 3 workshops at Alberto's, Mountain View on Sunday March 1.
One more workshop at Cubberley Center Auditorium, Middlefield 4000, Palo Alto on Monday, March 2 at 8:30pm, and one more workshop at Cubberley on Wednesday, March 4 at at 7:30pm. Watch for updates and more workshops and lessons. Privates available.

Note that the Level is Intermediate - Advanced. To get ready to these classes, please come to our classes on Monday and Wednesday:

Questions? Igor Polk, 510-582-8711,

The schedule:

Alberto's Night Club, 736 W. Dana, Mountain View, CA 94041
Contact:  Dorcas Hendershott,

Sunday, March 1

1:00 – 2:30 p.m.
Body Language
Get your body ready to dance.  Relax,  Weight and balance changes: invite your partner to dance through your body. The concept of "column": your column, your partner's column.

3:00-4:30 p.m. 
Between step and step, Tango happens…
The seductive conversation between dance partners. Tango as an invitation, not a demand: clear and smooth leading, light and elegant following.
Use of these concepts in the cross.

5:00 – 6:30 p.m.
Tools for Creativity in Tango - 1  The ocho cortado.

7:00 p.m. until late 
MILONGA @ Alberto’s 
with demonstration by Alicia Pons & Robert Hauk
Workshops $25 each.
Pre-registration requested:

Milonga $10
Milonga for workshop participants $5.
Free Milonga for participants who pre-register for all three workshops.

Palo Alto JCC Tango Club, Cubberley Center Auditorium,
4000 Middlefield Rd., Palo Alto, CA 94303-4760
Contact Igor Polk,

Monday, March 2

8:30 – 10:00 p.m.
How we produce and transmit movement. Flow of energy between dancing partners, and between dancing partners and the dancing floor.  Exercises. Followed by Practica

Wednesday, March 4
8:00 - 9:30 p.m.
Tools for Creativity in Tango - 2   Stops & Suspension
followed by Practica

Workshops $25 each.  Contact: Igor Polk

Alicia and Robert also will conduct pre-milonga classes with dance demonstrations on

Thursday, February 26,
at La Pista at 8:30,
What happened at the “Milongueando 2009 in Buenos Aires”. Tango secrets  by Alicia Pons

Friday, February 27,
at Diamond Heights Milonga at 8:00 at St. Aidan's Episcopal Church 101 Gold Mine Drive San Francisco, CA
Walking Technique: Slow and Fast Walks. Variations. Runs. Toe Pointings and Bouncing

Satruday, February 28,
at the Beat at 9:30 at 2560 9th St. Berkeley, CA

*** All class topics are different.



Tango Body


Alicia Pons "was trained in classical ballet from an early age and, as a young woman, performed in some of Buenos Aires' most famous theaters such as the Colon, the Coliseo, and the Alvear. Her introduction to tango came later, and her first teacher was Graciela Gonzalez, whose women's technique helped shape Alicia's tango footwork. Alicia then gravitated toward the milonguero style and her first inspiration and male teacher in that style was Tete Rusconi, one of the most renowned milongueros of his generation.

She taught a number of years with Cacho Dante, with whom she has performed at the Teatro San Martin as part of the City of Buenos Aires Tango Festival. Alicia has been teaching both private and group classes on her own in Buenos Aires and the U.S. for the last few years. She has become a very popular visiting instructor on the U.S. Argentine Tango workshop circuit, where she frequently is joined by Robert Hauk as her partner.

As a teacher, Alicia emphasizes the connection between the partners, and in particular the woman's ability to not just follow, but to be an equal protagonist in the dance. Her knowledge of the mechanics of what makes the dance work in the "milonguero" embrace is unique.

Alicia's teaching methods are grounded in her academic training. She holds a degree in Educational Science and Psychology, and she is currently an instructor for university level education students, in addition to her teaching, being a mother of two sons, and running her family real estate business. She is a very warm and caring person who to share her knowledge.

Alicia Pons is an elegant and accomplished dancer with a refined technique and distinctive personality. Her ability to imbue the role of the woman with verve and style has made her one of the most sought after female partners in Buenos Aires milongas. 

She is noted for her beautiful foot play and the strongly sensual connection with her partner, which is done with humor and decorum. She exemplifies communication and presence in the dance, and this is a focus in her teaching for both men and women."


Robert Hauk "is a nationally renowned tango teacher and DJ, who has been dancing tango for more than eleven years, and teaching tango for over nine years.. His specialty is milonguero style, in which he has achieved an extraordinary level of skill – sufficient even to win the praise of Buenos Aires toughest judges – the milongueros themselves. His ability to communicate the music and the emotion has made him a highly sought after dance partner at milongas across the United States.

Robert has also spent many years learning about the music, and is a highly regarded DJ for Milongas. He has been a teacher and a DJ at many festivals around the U.S. His popularity as an instructor at tango festivals is a result of his practical insight and straight-forward teaching that makes milonguero style tango readily accessible students. His skillful techniques quickly empower students with the “feel” of connected social dancing. As a result, his teaching has been influential and has engendered tango community growth in Portland and other cities across the U.S. "

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