New San Francisco Tango Band TangoNero Delights in Cocomo

Photo Igor Polk, April 26, 2009

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Today TangoNero local San Francisco band shocked the tango dancing public at the Cocomo club !

Under the direction of Alex Roitman the musicians made the night playing tango, milonga and valses. And how ! All the people were very much pleased with the performance. This is the music to look forward too. Impeccable rhythms of tango with complex rhythmical and melodic variations earned the praise of the most sophisticated tango aficionados including dancers from Buenos Aires. This group will make crowds!

Besides being perfectly traditional in the best sense of the past times, the band already has its own unique sound utilizing the reach jazz and folk background of the musicians.



As one dancer said: "I love them! They play familiar tangos which are often played at milongas by the best DJs". Another one: "This is the only group I prefer to dance to instead of CDs. I am looking forward for more..". Another, a tango teacher from Argentina shouted: "Bravo ! Thank you very much!"

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