Argentine Tango at Café Fino

Tango dancing at Cafe Fino is cancelled. Please, visit my home page to find more information about dancing tango in San Francisco, my new Palo Alto JCC Tango lessons, articles, and what places are the best to dance tango.




"Walking in Café Fino is like dining in a romantic move…"

 Every Monday in Palo Alto downtown

544 Emerson Street ( near University )


  Café Fino has been chosen Best of Venue for Live Music in the Palo Alto Weekly 2003 Best Of Reader Poll, also Maddalena's Continental Restaurant ( it is the same place ) has been chosen Best of Romantic Restaurant by the same poll.




First floor

8:00pm – 10:00pm or later -  Dance Argentine Tango


Second floor

Learn to dance Argentine tango ( $5 )

6:30pm – 7:00pm – basics principles;

7:00pm – 8:00pm – beginners lesson;


Exercises and explanation. Major secrets of tango:

1.  Tango steps are very special. It defines everything – step correctly, and you dance.

2.  Dynamic structure of embrace. Soul of the dance is in connection.

3.  How to "lead and follow" steps  it makes tango tango.






Café Fino is a wonderful place. It is unforgettable! However, it is not a ballroom. It is small like a real Tango café. There is no better place to expose yourself to an intimate tango style. The floor on the second floor is made of very good old carpet, the floor on the first floor is made of tile. Very good floor. Try it. Your leather shoes will make it perfect. No rubber sole shoes.


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