The Book
"Junctions. On How Worlds are Connected"

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"Junctions. On How Worlds are Connected,
An Interpretation of Genrich Altshuller's Systematic Principles"
by Igor Polkovnikov, 2018

70 pages, 80 drawings, 50 inventive principles, size 8.5x10''

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A desk companion for every problem solver. This is a collection of problem solving methods for innovators in any area. The book describes fundamental ways how systems are built. There are 51 methods. The idea of system worlds and how they interconnected is introduced. The fundamental notion of interaction as a flow is discussed. The book is written in simple language and is captivating. There are many examples and problems, 80 illustrations. As the main examples, the methods of provocation and the whole David-Goliath affair is analyzed. David used 12 of the methods described in this book to win over Goliath. The methods are based on 40 TRIZ principles of Genrich Altshuller. They are put in a more general form, amended with anti-principles, explained, and expanded with 10 new principles. On another hand, the book elaborates on the fundamental notions of the general systems theory and immediately useful for artificial intelligence ("strong AI", "true AI") research.

Key words: innovation, TRIZ, systematic innovation, Altshuller, general systems theory, critical thinking, creativity, David, Goliath, principles, problem solving, artificial intelligence
Design and Copyright © 2018 Igor Polkovnikov

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