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To be listed here it has to be a photographic navigatable walking virtual tour, city, bridge, travel, trail, or adventure. I would like to call them Myst-like, but ... some of them are not even close to high quality standards of Myst.

What this site is about

It is about sites with a collection photographic images of a real city or place or building where some sort of navigation is provided, so that users know where to go. It is possible to turn left, turn right, go forward, or more. It may be called a walking virtual tour, or virtual walkthrough, or virtual city. These Virtual Walking Tours share the same quality - spatial navigation. Our definition of virtual tours.

What this site is NOT about

  1. This site is not about Virtual Reality Panorama-s, 360-degree virtual panoramas, VR-s, and anything similar if they provide no navigation to the next picture.
  2. This site is not about collections of text, pictures, html pages which have no more association to the word "virtual" then regular books and newspapers.
  3. This site is not about virtual cities which are artificial, even if they are called "real virtual cities", or model real cities.


The list of sites implementing virtual tours around real locations equipped with means of interactivity and navigation to allow progression along a route. All technologies are listed: plain HTML, Java, Flash, Quick Time, panoramic applets.


Not all tours listed have the same quality. Some are better elaborated, some are on the level of research project, however, since this art is new, all of these tours curry a lot of important ideas and insights. I have decided to mark the best sites with the symbol ! ,but others are equally important.


! Amsterdam "Amsterdam in Site". "When you click on the picture you will see the next one.
Click on the right to look to the right ..."
Baden "Virtual city tour".
Basel "The first Virtual City Environment for you to explore."
! Catalhoyuk An archeological investigation. A great site! QTVR.
The Canterbury Tour, a unique virtual walk around this ancient city Britan. "...tour of the City of Canterbury. The tour contains 500 pages, each with a photo and some text."
Crowle, Stroud GB? Two tours. The same author and technology. 
Ely Minnesota, USA. "Virtual Eli". Typical small American city.
Freiburg "Take the virtual sight-seeing tour and admire the numerous buildings from the Middle Ages or simply stroll along..."
Hamburg "Clickable Worlds Hamburg Info-Page"
London This place has wide pictures which is a pretty good idea.
Mount St. Helen Somewhere near Seattle, USA. "VR tour ... Put your climbing gear on and grab your pack".
Norway Many Norway cities including Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, ...
Rome Walking tour of Rome. Coliseum, Forum, Arches of Septimus Severus and Titus, and more.
San Francisco travel guide San Francisco, California, USA. A page about Golden Gate Bridge from the same site and Golden Gate Park.

"Virtual Citywalk through Tübingen".

US states and US national parks A lot of roads, images, and trails.

Cities all around the world. Sorry, but I have to say that ( otherwise people will blame me ) this site has A LOT of ads.

http://photos.pagesjaunes.fr Paris, Madrid, and other cities of France and Spain. Great. Here is an article



National Gallery of Art, East Building QTVR technology
Sydney Opera House Flash. This is the best mix of navigation technologies with panoramas I have ever seen. Was it made by a tennis fan :) ?
!  U.S. Capitol Virtual Tour U.S. Senate. Uses LivePicture panoramic technology combined with HTML.
An industrial Building in France Large pictures, maps. Java technology



The College of William and Mary in Virginia A " Virtual Walk". Large Pictures, HTML technology.


Other places

Disneyland Several tours does not seem to be working, but you will find one or two.


Software ( and demo tours )

Redbug Technologies In addition to very nice specialized software ( you can use Flash too ) they have a little collection of walking virtual tours and a forum.
Yes San Francisco Soft for techies. A lot of features, but little of convenience for an amateur.


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Read more Yes San Francisco Virtual Walking Tours technology and java applet





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