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A trail along the Pacific Ocean coast to the Golden Gate Bridge. Ocean pictures. It is one of the favorite beaches with great views of the bridge.

Please, be patient, wait while it downloads. It is only 25k for the applet, 10k for a script, 25k for the first picture - about 60k. You will be rewarded with a walk along Baker Beach toward Golden Gate Bridge. It is interactive: to turn right, left, or go forward click on the picture. Problems? Get Java here
[Esc] - come back,  [z] or [Ctrl] - where can I click?,  [s] - toggle auto walking


Approaching Baker Beach from Gibson Road you pass the pine and cypress coastal grove. Protected sand dunes surround the beach. You observe the surf for several pictures and then walk along the beach toward Golden Gate Bridge. Do not be afraid to wet your feet :) ! At the north end surf meets rocks. You turn right and climb up the hill. Point Bonita is across the straight. Moving farther you could reach Bowley Street and return to Gibson Road, or continue your journey north, reach small Battery Crosby and ultimately the bridge.


Geology of Baker Beach
Baker Beach Water Quality
Presidio of San Francisco
USS San Francisco Monument to Baker Beach Run

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