"How long it will take me to learn tango ?"

Igor Polk, July 30, 2008

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2 years.

If you want to make some tango moves and have good time with your specific partner, it may take you 3-4 months. It will be nice simple dance you can greatly impress guests of your house with, but it might not be enough to dance with other tango dancers at the special tango dance parties called "Milonga" around the world.

Why it takes so long? Because alongside with learning complex tango rhythms, moves, elements, figures, leading and following skills we have to develop sense of balance, rhythm, ability to move gracefully, uniquely, like in tango. You will have to find dance within you. It is body, mind, and spiritual training, it takes time. On average - 2 years.

However in this 2 years you will dance very well ! Tango will be with you.

"Does it help to take more classes with other teachers on other days?"

Yes, it definitely does, but our classes is a must. You can find out yourself why.

"Is it possible to speed it up?"

Yes, it is. Take group classes and additionally take private classes with Igor. A lot of them. It works.

"What if I am very well trained? What if I dance other dances?"

It helps tremendously, but still you will need time to accommodate to great complexity of the moves, rhythm, figures, and leading and following skills. And most importantly - start feeling the greatness of the dance. It means, first of all, falling in love with tango music.

"I have 2 left feet. Will I be able to dance tango?"

Yes, you will. And you will have great time. "Dedication" is your password to success.

"Who are your teachers?"

I took a lot of classes and watched a lot of videos carefully analyzing them and dancing the material. I am very thankful to all teachers I ever took a class from, my dancing partners, and the teachers they took classes from, and their partners ! I have learned a lot from everyone. I am thankful to all organizers and promoters of Tango since there will be no tango without them. Here are tango teachers which made specifically important influence on my understanding of tango:

Gloria and Eduardo Arquimbau
Tete (Pedro Alberto Rusconi)
Ruben Terbalca
Brigitta Winkler or Brigitta Winkler
Juan Bruno - Salon of 20s. Orillero.
Marta Anthon
Marcela Duran and Carlos Gavito
Pocho Pizarro - Orillero and Canyengue.
Daniel Trenner
Christy Cote
Hector Petrovich
Ernest Williams
and Robert Hauk

There is one more very prominent tango person who have made tremendous impact on my dancing. But I'd like to keep the name in secret for now..

"Do you use a systematic approach to teaching tango?"

Yes, I do. This is not the Nuevo system. It is much more complex but authentic and comprehensive system covering the most important aspects of tango Salon, Orillero, Canyengue, and Apilado. I came to the system analyzing these styles. I have found what is in common between them. Also I emphasize the most important topics of tango: tango rhythm, structure, phrasing, technique, communication. I am conveying the correct and most versatile way of dancing tango from the very first lesson. This way brings you directly on top.

Please, come to my tango classes in Palo Alto or in Hayward.

Thank you!

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