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Aquatic Park was built in 1939 as a public bathing club between Hyde Street Pier and Fort Mason. Now the National Maritime Museum is here. A great place to spend a weekend. The braves swim in the chilly waters. Ghirardelli Square and the cable car turntable are on the left.

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The tour starts at the west end of Jefferson street. You come closer to water. There you can see ships of National Maritime Museum. View of Fort Mason and the Golden Gate Bridge is on the left. Then coming closer, you can see the San Francisco Maritime Museum building. You can turn right to the Municipal Pier which is a breakwater for Aquatic Park. There you can enjoy great views of the bay islands including Alcatraz and Angel Island, the modern city skyline, and the old Balclutha sailing ship at the Hyde Street Pier. This ship was launched in 1886. Going farther west, you get to Fort Mason.

Aquatic Park was designed for swimming and other water activities. Water here is a little bit warmer, and there are some swimmers around. Children wade at the beach. This is a great place to take sunbath. You can find your sunny spot at the beach, meadow, and at the concrete steps of amphitheater. This is the very first place for sunbathing along the bay and Embarcadero. The next one is nearby - Fort Mason.

If you turn left near the Maritime Museum building, you could get to Beach Street and Ghirardelli square, but the tour does not lead there. You make a tour around the park passing the tower, and only then reach the square.

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