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No, not aerial view. There is a place called Hawk Hill where you are actually above the bridge. This is a most breathtaking view of the city, the best view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Here we are, in Marin County now, across the bay from San Francisco. Turn left or around and enjoy!

Turning around. We are at a favorite spot for photographing the Golden Gate Bridge as you can see. San Francisco is on the right, Mount Diablo is visible on the left. Look closer at the north tower of the bridge. Behind it - Yerba Buena Island. Two sections of the Bay Bridge are clearly visible. Treasure Island is to the left. In front of it - Alcatraz Island. Battery Spencer is on the hill on the left. Skyscrapers behind Yerba Buena Island mark downtown Oakland. You can look closely at the central span.

To the bridge's right you can see the Presidio, behind the strait, Baker Beach is to the right. Behind it - Richmond, the stripe of Golden Gate Park, then the Sunset district. Mount Sutro with the tower is in the center. To the right of the Golden Gate strait the land ends. This is the Lands End. To the left - the Richmond district. Behind it are Golden Gate Park and the Sunset district. You can see in a little better details Fort Miley medical center. Palace of the Legion of Honor is to the left. Very far behind - Point San Pedro. One more step to the right and we are where we started: in front of tunnels. What is it?

Let us go right. Through the two tunnels we reach the site where a very big cannon should be mounted. We are at the so called battery construction N129. It was never finished. All these constructions give the place a lot of magic. More to come.

Getting outside, you can observe Bonita Point. Rodeo Lagoon is on the right. Another view is a Rodeo Valley view. Wolf Ridge is behind. We are turning right toward Hawk Hill. Little climb with views of Mount Tamalpais and we are on the very top. Moving to the left, you can see more military installations. Turning right, you can jump at anti-aircraft gun platform and enjoy the bay just after sunset. The moon over Mount Diablo, the bridge after sundown. Continue toward sunset views over Bonita Point.

If you move forward, you can see more of the city and bridge views at sunset and even fly through the bridge to the San Francisco downtown!

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