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Wait while it downloads and make your virtual stroll along the street.
To turn right, left, or go forward click on the picture.
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You are at upper Montgomery Street where this street is very small. You are standing at Dalla Torre restaurant.

Turning left.. you can view the whole panorama at this small place. First what your see is No. 1360 Montgomery Street, 1937, famous small building in Style Moderne.

When you are looking backward along the street do not miss the stairs down. Move forward to them. These stairs will move you down the Filbert steps. Napier Lane is on the left, the only survived wooden plank street. Finally you get to Levi's Plaza at Sansome Street.

Moving forward.. you can come to Montgomery Street stairs and observe the view of downtown with 345 California Center, old houses, and the Pyramid. You are moving across North Beach district toward Market Street coming down the hill. Bypassing Jackson Square Historical District, you reach the base of the Transamerica Pyramid building.

At Clay, if you turn left, you can go around the Pyramid or move to Leidesdorff Street. Continuing forward, at California Street you can see the Bank of America skyscraper from below. Finally you reach Market Street at the Montgomery BART station.

There are several turn-arounds on your way. If you turn around right before the Montgomery stairs, and then turn left, you get to Union Street. Turn right at Kearny, go up the Kearny Street stairs leading to Coit Tower. Now you are on top at the Telegraph Hill Blvd. This place is also called Pioneer Park. You are at the base of Coit Tower. It is on the left. At the plaza you can turn left to enter the tower, or turn right to Greenwich Street stairs. After you turned left-left, you are at the Coit Tower entrance. Enter, take the elevator, the souvenir shop is on the right. Go up and enjoy the San Francisco views.


Turning right.. Turn right-right. Here Coit Tower is up the Filbert steps. Go up the Filbert stairs. If you turn left, you'll get atop of Telegraph Hill where you can turn right to the Coit Tower or forward to view Russian Hill, Fisherman's Wharf, and Golden Gate Bridge, viewed from the southern part of Telegraph Hill, and then take a bike to Lombard Street.

Keeping right at the top of stairs, brings you to Greenwich Street where you can go down the stairs, and get back to Montgomery at Julius Castle restaurant. You can not go to the north here, you have to come all the way back and turn left..

At this place at Sansome Street, you can ..

Turn left.. going north along Sansome between buildings and apartment complexes, you reach the Embarcadero at the Francisco Bay. McGraw Hill building is on the left. There you can see Whitehall Tavern across the street and Hornblower pier pictures.

Turning left at Houston's restaurant brings you to the foot of Montgomery Street ( corner with Francisco Street ).

Continuing along the Embarcadero brings you to the east end of Fisherman's Wharf.

Move forward.. and observe Levi's Plaza. You can see the fountain and buildings, and if you turn around, you can go back all the way up Filbert Street stairs to Coit Tower. Turn right.. and come to the nearby intersection with Green Street and see Telegraph Hill houses stuck to the rocks and the Farnsworth's memorial plaque. It is the place of the lab where in 1920th the first TV transmission was made - yes, San Francisco is an organic part of Silicon Valley, as well as Hollywood.


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