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You are at the north end of San Francisco Ocean Beach looking north. Pacific Ocean is to the left, Golden Gate Park is to the right. We are going to move north toward Cliff House. Sutro Heights Park is on the hill. Mount Tamalpais is far way behind Golden Gate straight. The Bridge is in the north-east direction where small buildings are 3.5 miles ( 5 kilometers ) away. Jump on the parapet.. ( more text is below )

Please, be patient, wait while it downloads. It is only 25k for the applet, 10k for a script, 25k for the first picture - about 60k. You will be rewarded with a walk along Ocean Beach toward Cliff House - some of our best photos. Problems? Get Java here
It is interactive: to turn right, left, or go forward click on the picture.
[Esc] - come back,  [z] or [Ctrl] - where can I click?,  [s] - toggle auto walking

The pictures are small and very compressed. Preview Large San Francisco pictures;
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.. and you can see the view better. You can look at Cliff House and Seal Rocks closer. If you turn around, you can see how long is this beach - about 3 miles ( 5 kilometers ) south. If you turn left now, you'll get to the Golden Gate Park west entrance. But our goal here is moving north. Use [Esc] key to come back. This way you will be able to move farther away in this internet version of the San Francisco Virtual Tour.

Let us return to the parapet. Jump from it, descend to the beach, and move forward toward the house. Once on top approaching the Cliff House, turn around or left. You will see a magnificent view of the surf at Ocean Beach and rocks below. This is the goal of this tour. Silence.. This is the third best San Francisco attraction after Golden Gate Bridge and Coit Tower.

Coming back. On the next step you will see a toy-house on the rock. It is "Camera Obscura". Seal Rocks are on the left. Pass through the gallery of Cliff House and come closer. "Camera Obscura and Holograph Gallery". Turn around.

You are at a little plaza between two Cliff House buildings. Great view of Seal Rocks floating in the silver ocean is to the left. Sutro Baths site is one step forward. If you turn around there, you will be able to enter "Musee Mecanique". If you turn right, you will get up to the Point Lobos Avenue.

If you continue along the avenue on your way to the Bridge you'll get to Camino del Mar and a park on top of the hill above the House. There is another hidden stair entrance from Balboa street to this Sutro Heights Park. There are more great Cliff House and Ocean Beach views from there.

Ocean Beach is one of the favorite San Francisco tourist destination. Magnificent views of ocean and the city. Local San Franciscans love to spend time on the very wide 4-miles long beach or just walking around. Some brave men and women serf there, but this is very dangerous. Golden Gate Park begins here. "Beach Chalet" restaurant overlooks the beach. This is the place to visit, yes!


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