Embarcadero Center: Tulip, Hyatt, Ferry Building

January 26, 2006; by Igor Polk, San Francisco Click

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- Sunny winter day in San Francisco. There is a little plaza between Hyatt hotel and Embarcadero Center 4 entrance. Take a small tour around.

In this little sketch there are only 43 pictures. 9 of the pictures are stereo. They are at the beginning.




Click on a picture below to start the tour from that location (use small images is for slow connections):

Hyatt Hotel entranceHere is the main entry. Jump right to a little plaza squeezed between Embarcadero Center 4 and Hyatt. This is a stereo panorama.

Embarcadero Center 4 inside Inside the center. Going up around the tulip.

Ferry BuildingThis is Justin Herman Plaza with the view of the Ferry Building and Bay Bridge. This place is surrounded by strange shadows. They are everywhere: on the bridge pavement, on they walls of the Hyatt hotel.



Find these pictures inside:

The Tulip Embarcadero Center  East Entrance Sacramento Street Jumping on a Bike Girls At the Market

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