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- A little tour, a sketch comprising of 38 stereo images around the most notable Golden Gate Park attraction: Conservatory of Flowers.

Again, this is new wiggling stereo technology. In about 2 seconds after an image is loaded, the second image of the stereo pair starts to load. You do not need any special device nor goggles to experience it. If you do not like it, just switch it off.
If you like it, please, tell me about it.

Click thumbnails below, if you have
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One stereo picture is about 300k.

For slow internet connections use small thumbnails in this column. Size of one stereo picture is 40-60k. ( One stereo image is composed of 2 pictures )

SBC Park Entrance

Start from the most famous view of the Conservatory of Flower. This is were tour buses stop.

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Approach from the east entrance to the Golden Gate Park, from the Panhandle.

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Good bye. See you later during the next tour!


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The landscape design inside was made by Miller Company, landscape architects from San Francisco

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