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Gloria & Eduardo

Just dance links ( contact impro )

[ Congress on research in dance, Mark Franko, American Dance Guild (many terms) ]

Bay Area National Dance Week
10 day celebration of dance all over the SF Bay Area w/ over 200 free dance events

Dancers' Group
Organization supporting Bay Area Dance

Danza Hoy
The only internationl all-Spanish language dance webzine on the Internet.

Isadora Duncan Dance Awards
no link
Honoring outstanding dance in the SF Bay Area

Tango related links

San Francisco Bay Area events, teachers, places


Official Argentinean government short page about dances; Not much about tango. They used to have a whole site ! Not much judging by account that tango brings way more to the government and people's budgets than all other dances combined. It is actually the whole branch of Argentinean economy! It is a face of Argentina to a cultural world! Such neglection... Well, I might be mistaken. Let me know.

Where to dance tango
- world guide;
Tango Hub - some info where to buy tango

Tango music digital store; About $1.83 per song with PayPal. They require your e-mail. Good quality.
Tango shop; Daniel Trenner's video catalogue. Daniel is the Hero of tango.

Tango Abrazos
. Photo gallery
- (Igor: learn about quality. Wow! EMI tango CDs are also very good.) 

My Argentina Links



Tango Marseille, Provence and Côte d'Azur


Just random links:

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My name is Igor Polk. I dance tango in San Francisco Bay Area.
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