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My name is Igor Polk. I am dancing Argentine Tango in San Francisco. This is my personal tango site where I express exclusively my IMHO opinions for my own pleasure and pleasure of my friends. And I do not promise to be objective. If you are ready for it, proceed..

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2004 December 13

I have made a special blog for links discussion - LinksBlog. This is not a boring links page. These are little stories inspired by other sites. Not much in there yet.

2004 November 24

Some publishers make a mistake. They describe places and events, but it sounds like advertisement. That is not what I am looking for. I am fed up with ads. Everything becomes currying a message which is designed to penetrate deep into my mind bypassing my attention and feel. I build walls around my mind trying to block ads and other cunning influence. Because they might curry lie. But it is not possible to be blocked from the world, I make filters to breathe. I put masks on. But the lie penetrates through. I accept it as an inevitable systematic error. It takes its tall, it slowly kills feelings. It makes them be used to the lie. And the same with everybody. The culture becomes false because it dies without exchange of true feelings as well as a tree dries without water. Culture becomes being made in studios and laboratories. Pride and honor are forgotten because they do not survive alongside with lie. Their meaning is reversed. Respect and responsibility are replaced with imitations and machinations. But I have found Tango. Tango provides a door to a small dancing room where feelings come to live. No matter that the tango room itself is highly artificial and fragile: elaborate music, elaborate movements, elaborate dress, intimate theatrical settings - an exquisite club hard to get into. All this elaborations insolate penetrating fluids of modern civilization and enables souls to be free. --> Tango means freedom.


2004 November 3

---> A Way to Dance Apilado

The distinction is leaning. When you stand for an hour you'll get tired. Is there a wall around? Oh, yes! You lean against the wall and it gives you relaxation. Right?...

2004 October 20

I have just came from Portland Tango 2004 Fest. It was a grand event. Wow! There were a lot of people... At the first milongas crowd tried to dance familiar Tango Salon Open Embrace, or Tango Nuevo, or something more crazy, but gradually...


2004 August 28

Yesterday at Verdi club --> Glover Gill Played Piano Tango. It was a great surprise to discover a talent who so precisely grasps feeling and complex rhythm variations of old 1910-1930 tangos. One could imagine that Glover is himself one of the best dancers. Glover has only one leg, but I want to believe he is one of the true milongueros. How otherwise he can make such extremely complex but prefect rhythms? ...

2004 Mar 1

Renee Linnell and Joe

Renee made her visit to Bay Area this weekend. She studied Argentine Tango in Buenos Aires and it shows! Renee is a fantastic dancer. She has excellent body position, following, resistance, leg play, rhythm, all that which is important for an Argentine Tango master. She is one of the greatest dancers I have ever danced with. Thank you, Renee! Her partner Joe is a wonderful dancer too. Renee combines knowledge of classical Argentine Tango salon style with inclusions of elements from Tango Nuevo - definitely the way to go. She dances very good Apilado. I have seen few people who do it correctly especially between young ones and she does. Renee is a greatest young talent whom I am waiting for to continue traditions of Tango Argentino. Welcome here and good luck! Here is Renee Linnell tango web site.


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My name is Igor Polk. I dance tango in San Francisco.
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