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• This is a fishing boats pier. You are standing at Jefferson Street heading west toward Ghirardelli Square in the area near Pier 47. You have two choices: if you click on the right side of the picture, you will go right to Pier 45. If you click on the left side of the picture, you will go forward toward Pier 47.. More instructions below..

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To turn right, left, or go forward click on the picture.
[Esc] - come back,  [z] or [Ctrl] - where can I click?,  [s] - toggle auto


• It is important to know in this intricate place that with [Esc] keyboard key you can always come back where you was before. Use it! This way you can move farther away in this limited on-line version of the San Francisco Tour.

• If you move forward.. you'll move along Jefferson street. On the right side there is place where you can buy a ticket for a fishing tour or a tour around the bay.

• At Al Scoma Way you can turn right. This way brings you to the famous Scoma's restaurant and behind it to the place where larger fishing boats are. There is a view of Pier 45 across the harbor and Mosaic by John O'Shanna near the entrance to the restaurant. Use [Esc] to come back.

• Continuing forward along Jefferson brings you to Ghirardelli Square and Aquatic Park.

• If you move right.. You are going to move in the maze of fishing piers and boats in the "back-harbors" of the famous restaurants.

• At Nonna Rose and Seafood trattoria you can turn left. You'll see a little pier. At the end of this pier there are views of Pier 45 and Castagnola's restaurant, fishing boats, and Alioto's and Tarantino's restaurants. But if you do not go there, and turn left instead, and then left again, you'll turn out to be at Jefferson heading east. You will be able to walk in the row of infinite crab and seafood shops, see the main Fisherman's Wharf sign, pass Fishermen's Grotto No.9, get to Bay Cruise and Ferry Terminal of Red and White Fleet, and continue north to east part of Pier 45 or east toward Pier 41.

• If at Nonna Rose you continue forward, you'll get to the "back-pier" of Fishermen's Grotto No.9. Continuing forward brings you to a tiny chapel. This is the "Fishermen's and seamen's memorial chapel". Continuing forward brings you to west part of Pier 45 where you can see kayaks in the bay, Anna Marie fishing boat, Maritime museum pier view, Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz.

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