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Embarcadero Center. Evening

The Sphere
Commercial Street. Trellis. Orrick. Creazione

San Francisco Embarcadero Promenade

, be patient, wait while it downloads. It is only 25k for the applet, 10k for a script, 25k for the first picture - about 60k. You will be rewarded with a tour around the Embarcadero Center as if you are there. It is interactive: to turn right, left, or go forward click on the picture. Problems? Get Java here
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San Francisco. Sculptures. Hyatt Regency. Charles Perry. Eclipse
Hyatt Regency Hotel

New tour:
Embarcadero Center at Hyatt


We are starting the tour around Embarcadero Center from Justin Herman Plaza. Ferry Building is behind. You have two choices. Do you see the flag pole?

Go forward on the left side of the pole. You are at La Chiffoniere, 1978 by Jean De Buffet. This is the back side of the sculpture. Move forward to the little plaza. On the left, you can get to Hyatt Regency through the west doors, or get to Market Street where California Street starts. Then you can see Four Embarcadero Center, south entrance. Moving around at that place can bring you back to Justin Herman Plaza where you can observe the Armand Vaillancourt Fountain in pretty good detail. There you could find another way to Maritime Plaza along Drumm street.

Enter the Four. You are at the bottom of the Tulip. Going up around the Tulip stem you reach Promenade.

Evening pictures of the center.

From the place you have started, Embarcadero street leads north to Fishermans Wharf, and south with great views of the Bay Bridge and beyond.

Go forward on the right side of the pole. You are at red-bricked Justin Herman Plaza. This is an Embarcadero Center view with Hyatt Hotel in center. There is entrance on the right side. Move there. You are at east entrance stairs. They lead to Promenade.

If you move left, you are in front of the Tulip, Hyatt Regency is behind. Look up at the Tulip "flower". If you turn left, you can see the stairs and Embarcadero Plaza with Ferry Building and Bay Bridge. Move forward. Now you are in front of Hyatt. You can move to the entrance on the right side and look outside at Drumm Street and Sacramento Street little plaza. Moving forward in the center, you are in front of the Hyatt Regency Hotel north entrance. Look, on the left side is Splendido restaurant. ••

Move forward along the promenade over Drumm Street. You are moving along the passage passing street views, building, flowers, Scott's Seafood Grill and Bar. There are sculptures on the left side. At Front Street you discover Transamerica Pyramid. When you reach Old Federal building and Embarcadero Center West you are ready to exit to Commercial Street. ••
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