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"Perfectly Aligning Guitar Frets and Strings with Notes on a Staff"

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"Perfectly Aligning Guitar Frets and Strings with Notes on a Staff"
by Igor Polk, 2010

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The book contains an introduction and 288 PAD diagrams + 33 diagrams in addendums in all 12 keys printed on high quality paper. Size 8x10''. 102 pages. ISBN 0-9740090-3-2

The revolutionary "Perfectly Aligning Guitar Frets and Strings with Notes on a Staff" method let you memorize music notation, chords, and scales at no time. Finally, the method of no sweat, no tears, only enjoyment! Great help to a guitarist to memorize notes on the fretboard. It does work!

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  Introduction to PADs - what this book is about  
  Basic chord patterns mapped into notes (finger positions)  
  Musical Structure of Guitar
  1. "White piano keys"
  2. Go along the strings
  3. Note C. Octave
  4. Grouping of notes across the guitar strings into fret groups
  5. Pairs of neighboring groups
  6. Notes along the strings
  7. Thirds
  8. Triads and tetrads (chords)
  9. Building chords and inverted chords on a fret group
  10. PAD chord diagrams
  11. Working with other keys.
  12. C blues scale and A minor scale
  Recognizing key signatures. Transposition. The circle of fifths  
(not presented on the internet)
  1. Bass notes in the sequence of the circle of fifths.
  2. Connecting bass notes with triads.
  Success without memorizing  
  Table of PADs (with page numbers)  
  PADs, Chords and Scales, pages 1-72  
  Addendum 1, Chords over C major and A minor scales, pages 73-77  
  Addendum 2, Notes, pages 79-81  
  Addendum 3, Keys, pages 83-86 ( with "Black Piano Keys" )  

Home | Top | What is PAD: Perfectly Aligning Diagrams | How the method was developed | Basic chord fingering chart | Table of PADs in the Book: chords and scales, transposition table | Musical structure of guitar starting with C major scale | Essential guitar scale pattern on the fretboard | Notes along the fingerboard: note C | Grouping of notes across the guitar strings into fret groups | Notes along the strings | Thirds intervals on the Guitar. Exercise | Guitar Triads and Tetrads (Chords), Diagonal Structure, Exercise | Chords and Inverted Chords on a Guitar Fret Group. Exercise | PAD Chord Charts | Working with other keys, C blues scale and A minor scale and key | Importance of Key Signatures | Guitar Ear, Fingering, Memory Training with Visual Musical Notes Presentation | The book | Success without memorizing | Blogs, Forums, Groups

Available PAD in the key C - Am: Help | Home | Explanation | Musical Structure of Guitar | Success without memorizing | Forums, Groups
Notes: C, D, E, F, G, A, B
Triads of C major scale: C, Dm, Em, F, G, Am, Bdim, tetrads: Bm7b5, G7
Triads of A minor scale: E, other: A
C blues scale C7, F7, G7
Chords over C major scale: C, G, F, Em, Am, Dm, Bdim
Chords over A minor scale: Am, Dm, E, G, C, F, Bdim
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