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Large Redwood Picture Muir Woods National Monument is located in California Marin County just across Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco. The park occupies one of the Mount Tamalpais valleys. It is known for the magnificent coast redwood forest. The narrow flat valley winding along Redwood Creek between 1000-years old giant redwood trees is a magic place.

Here is the Virtual Walking Tour of the woods. It has many redwood forest pictures. You can interact: move forward, turn left, right, look at tree tops. Make a whole tour around the park. 92 pictures.

Enter the forest
Virtual Walking Tour

Muir Woods is named after John Muir by the true savior of the place
-William Kent and ( new at that time ) US national park policy. Otherwise this valley might be logged or/and flooded.

San Francisco
Alamo Square in San Francisco
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Golden Gate Bridge
Golden Gate Bridge leads to Muir Woods

But this is just a miniscule part of the forest which is exterminated now as fast as never before. Read more here. Save the forest! In a year it could be too late! - Public Service Notice

More about the park

More about John Muir

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Muir Woods is one of the most visited attractions to experience California nature. Located conveniently close San Francisco across the Golden Gate Bridge, it is as wild as if you are far away. At the same time it is well developed and has all comforts of civilization. If you want you can spend hours and even days wondering around this Mount Tamalpais area enjoying trails and breathtaking views. Muir Beach and Pelican Inn restaurant are just a minute away.

Muir Woods is overcrowded, especially on weekends. Consider a bus. Directions and public transportation options.

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This tour is available on CDROM with large 500x752 pictures: Click here to find about the CD-ROM tour
The CD also includes Mission Dolores Virtual Tour and a huge San Francisco tour

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